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Some facts about south park.It is late night animated Tv MA(mature audience) comedy addressing wide range of  topics like current events,social issues etc. Four ten years boys are the  main characters in the show.Kyle,Stan,kenny and Eric.Of course all different from each other. Matt stone  and Trey parker  are creators of  this most swearing animated series . On its launch people said it  to be a show with bad animation and fart jokes.Terrance and phillip show was inspired by this comment. Its fast computer animation makes it possible for creators to theme it on current events.It usually takes a week  to do so. There is an alien hidden in all the episodes.Its true. Most of which leaves people with some catchy phrase like oh my god they killed kenny or timmay.

The show, which had swept  fans all over the world and is a series of nearly 18 years and will remain live in the near time as well.The name of show is a town in the state of California where any events or plot is told through four kids. Overall the series departs from the real experience to express these events in a funny way.One can watch its full episodes at the official site of south park.Or if you cant access it from your area we will be making a page where you can get to watch it for free and also a list of some of the best episodes of the show and other cool stuff you can collect.

Among main characters of the series  Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski are striking. This is apart from the array of other main characters which i have left out including the other two friends.In particular the show stands out as a “series of affects” in society. Many people mostly celebrities described in the series are hilarious. In addition, in some instances the audience is drawn into the new adventures an so it have even managed to impress  those who does not like animation.Because of the shows long term broadcast the life long fans of the show are increasing every day. Four kids in the beginning might had you wondered if i would recommend the events in show as definitely worth watching.


My favorite quotes and scenes  You are gonna have a bad time What seems to be the officer problem…:) What ever ever i do what i want.. Miss teacher bangs a boy nice The super best friends Krishna buddha moses and s*men..Its seaman. :) Do you wanna get high.. Screw you guys i am going home. Lew lew lew.. Hello Mr click click derk. Ok children as i was saying hare krishnas are totally gay. This is abc news or news 27 whatever ever f*@k you. Boys sure its taking a long time…  Butters and general disarray tries to flood the world with tap water…   For full detail about the showgo here

Season 18

Season eighteen of South Park was aired between September 24 and December 10 of 2014. This season contains ten episodes that form a season-long story arc for the first time in the shows history.

Episode 1 Go Fund Yourself


Theme Kickstarter and washington redskin.

The boys are looking to begin a startup so they don’t have to do anything. Since the trademark has been pulled they settle on naming the company The Washington Redskins and begin raising money on Kickstarter. The NFL Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder objects to the name being used for the company, and claims to find it disparaging. After pleading with NFL commissioner Rodger Goddell (who turns out to be a robot called the Goddell-bot) Snyder turns to his fellow NFL owners for support, and they vote settle the matter.

Snyder and the Redskins then attack Kickstarter Headquarters (who we find originally come up with the idea of a start-up to do nothing) and knock it offline.

The Redskins, still depressed, opt out of playing a game against the Cowboys leaving Snyder to defend them. Snyder goes out and sacrifices himself to the horror of the crowd. Ultimately this changes public perception and opinion of the Redskins Company and results in a boycott. The boys are then forced to give up the enterprise and go back to school.

Major Running Jokes:
“Washington Redskins, go f*ck yourself”
Washington Redskins as stand-in for Native American Indians.


Episode 2 Gluten Free Ebola



Theme Diet fads

In this episode the boys come back from their startup (the first hint that the season is a story arc). They are unpopular with the student body since they insulted everyone when they quit. The boys decide they must repair their reputations by throwing a party. To hide their true motives they pretend to be throwing it to raise awareness for Scott Malkinson’s diabetes. They promote the party on the radio – promising pizza for all and a concert by the singer Lorde.

During a teachers meeting to discuss punishment for Butters (who burned down the gym) Mr. Mackey introduces the idea of being gluten free and feeling better to the episode. Later, while the citizens of the town are listening to a lecture by a scientist he explains what gluten is, and even distills a batch for everyone to see. The scientist is challenged to drink it and does, only to die a terrible death. The people of South Park begin freaking out and burning everything made with wheat.

Eric, distressed because he can no longer have snacks or throw the party to repair his reputation falls ill. During a fever dream Aunt Jemima explains how to fix the USDA’s food pyramid. When he wakes up Eric calls the USDA and solves the crisis. The boys are then able to have their¬ party instead featuring steak and butter. During her appearance we notice Lorde strongly resembles Randy.

Major Running Joke:
Gluten makes your d*ck fly off.
Public reaction to perceived crisis.


Episode 3 The Cissy


Theme transgenders

Eric attempts to use the restroom during recess, but the stall is taken. Eric, upset and saying that he has called dibs on the stall during recess puts a bow on his hat while stomping out and heads to the girl’s restroom for his afternoon constitutional. This makes the girls upset. The school then realizes that in order to solve the problem Eric is about to create, they will need to build a transgender bathroom for him to use. Wendy the to call his bluff, begins showing up to school as boy and beings also using the transgender bathroom. That two of his friends are seemingly having gender identity issues causes Stan to begin to question himself. This leads to Stan using the bathroom as well, all of which enrages Cartman and leads to him try to turn the student body against Stan by calling him “Cissy”, a play on being cisgender

Meanwhile through a series of events we learn has been struggling with the emotional weight of his second identity as Lorde for some time now. We discover that Randy became Lorde out of a longing to use the nicer women’s restroom. He is then confronted at work over his usage of the female restroom, pushing him into a depression. He is talked out of his depression by Sharon, which sets off a montage leading to the resolution of the toilet crisis at South Park Elementary.


Episode 4 Handicar


After leaving the theatre Gerald and Sheila Broflovski are introduced to Handicar by a friend. Handicar is an app based transportation service run by Timmy Birch as a fundraiser for Summer Camp. As the app gains popularity Timmy begins to find himself at odds with several competing interests such as taxi drivers and car salesmen and eventually Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Nathan and Mimsy, who do not want to go to camp, tease together several groups to have someone take out Handicar.

Handicar becomes so popular Timmy begins hiring more drivers (called Handicaps). Nathan, in his final attempt to get Handicar shut down goads several parties into a violent cartoon race called a “Wacky Race”. Nathan’s plans are eventually foiled when the Handicaps overwhelm him. Timmy is then able to raise $2.3 billion for camp by selling Handicar to Elon Musk.


Episode 5 The Magic Bush


Theme Drones

Cartman learns that Butter’s dad Steven owns a drone. Cartman steals the drone and that night Butters, Kenny and Cartman assemble to spy on people. While flying they happen to see Craig’s Mom and her large bush. Craig’s parents catch the drone spying and immediately head to Steven’s house to confront him since they know him to be a drone enthusiast. Steven is taken aback; not believing anyone else could be using the drone. Also, because of the conversation Steven begins to believe that the drones are sentient. Cartman meanwhile posts the video of Craig’s Mom’s bush online and the video goes viral.

In response the town Neighborhood Watch passes out community controlled drones so everyone may spy. Eventually, Randy is caught spying and his drone is shot down while running away by a police drone. The town’s drone population begins to riot. Finally to end it all, Cartman lures the drones out of town with a doll of Craig’s naked mom since the drones can’t get enough of her.

Major Running Joke:

Steven’s belief that no one else is using the drone, because the only other person with access to the drone is Butters, and he can’t use it without permission.

The episodes also jab at the unrest in Ferguson, MO and New York over police shootings.


Episode 6 Freemium Isn’t Free


Theme Freemium Isn’t Free,A take on major free mobile  games like Simpsons The Simpsons Tapped Out and Family Guy The Quest for Stuff.

smtpo  fgqfs

South parks terrance and phillip game in the episode


At school Jimmy introduces Kyle to the Terrance and Phillip game app. While Kyle doesn’t think it’s cool, we soon learn when Randy confronts Stan about having spent more than $400, that Stan has become addicted to the game. Randy believes that Stan may have inherited an addictive gene from his Grandfather. After several attempts to illustrate this point, Stan eventually recognizes his addiction and prays. Satan then appears to answer his questions and explain to him how addiction in human beings works

Meanwhile, Terrance and Phillip are upset that their game is turning their fans into addicts and that the studio is pushing it to children. They complain to the Canadian Minister of Mobile Gaming whom we discover to be Beelzaboot. Satan then possesses Stan, who goes on to fight and defeat the robot.

Major Running Joke:

While reaching out to Stan over his game usage, Randy will repeatedly ignore that he is an alcoholic.


Episode 7 Grounded Vindaloop


Theme Virtual gaming devices.

Cartman manipulates Butters into thinking he is in a virtual reality. Butters acts out and is grounded by his parents. Cartman then receives a call from customer service telling him that he is, in fact, the one stuck in VR. Cartman doesn’t believe him, but we soon learn customer service is correct. The boys find out that Cartman is in virtual reality and go in to rescue him, but Cartman doesn’t believe them.

We eventually learn that the boys are stuck in a paradox loop between VR and real life called a Vindaloop. Virtual Reality customer service eventually gets in touch with real life customer service causing the paradox to end and the boys to go back to real life.

Major Running Joke:
After being told they are stuck in virtual reality each person exclaims “F*ck You”


Episode 8 Cock Magic


Theme Illegal cock fight in america and “Magic:the gathering” the card game,ignorance on women sports.Also a little spoof on the animal rights concerns on cock fight.

The girls’ invite the boys to a girl’s volleyball tournament, but the boys inform them that Kenny is fighting that night in a game of Magic the Gathering. Kenny impressively wins the match, causing the boys to talk about it all day at school. When the janitor overhears, he pulls the boys aside and tells them about an underground match. They boys go and find roosters instead of humans playing the game (called “Cock Magic and apparently illegal as it garners police attention). Everyone likes it and they decide to get a rooster of their own. When they finally play their rooster he impressively wins the match decisively which leads to them being recruited into a larger league.

Randy meanwhile has confused Cock Magic with a type of dance he used to perform in college. The boy’s high stakes Cock Magic match is raided by police, but the raid is spoiled by Randy who shows up and performs his version of Cock Magic.


Major Running Joke:
Randy misunderstanding Cock Magic


Episode 9 #REHASH


Theme Youtube commentators

Kyle buys a new videogame to play with Ike, but Ike is not interested as he is watching Pewdie Pie – a YouTube commentator. Cartman is inspired by the idea and begins recording and commenting on YouTube as “Cartman Brah” and begins trending.

Meanwhile, Randy is scheduled to perform at a concert but he is nervous he will not be well received. At the urging of a record executive, Randy begins graphically touching himself when the concert bombs.

Somehow, Cartman Brah’s commentary window begins to break into new panes of reality and eventually makes an agreement to work for the record company.


Episode 10 #HappyHolograms


Theme Youtube commentators

Kyle, lamenting that “the living room is dying”, publishes a poem on Twitter that begins trending. The trend is picked up by the television studio, which use Bill Cosby to recruit Kyle.

Cartman Brah meanwhile continues to break into new panes of reality. Eventually the holograms of Tupac and Michael Jackson meet each other and join teams to kill the record executive.

The record executive then uses Kyle as leverage to get Randy to commit to playing a Christmas Holiday Special to get the kids to enjoy what he enjoys.

Cartman Brah continues to grow, getting closer to what he calls Trendscendence. These events cause Kyle to see Ike’s perspective, and with the children now on Kyle’s side Pewdie Pie is summoned and promptly kicks Cartman Brah off the air.

At the end of the episode Stan and Kyle discuss the overall theme of the season: entertainment is a changing industry. They find solace in the fact that kids are now able to pick their own entertainment choices instead of having them marketed at them, and they decide that they shouldn’t judge it just because they don’t understand it.


Major Running Joke:
The Bill Cosby Rape Case
Unchecked Police violence against black people a la Ferguson, MO


Season 17

The seventeenth season of South Park was first aired between September 27 and December 11 of 2013. This season contains ten episodes that all run for about twenty-two minutes. Delivering South Park’s usual mix of satire, dark humor, and parody South Park season 17 is an excellent viewing choice.

Episode 1 Let Go, Let Gov

Becoming increasingly convinced that Kyle is a government agent, Cartman decides to infiltrate the NSA. Cartman does this with the use of a brain implanted social media device that automatically tweets a persons thoughts. Cartman, eventually becoming a NSA employee, then becomes disillusioned and flees to Russia.

Butters, inspired by a meeting with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, goes to the South Park DMV to confess his sins. This eventually leads to grand revelations about Butter’s past, and a scandal revolving around child s*x abuse.


Episode 2 Informative Murder P**n

A documentary about the dangers of “Murder P**n” takes the little town of South Park by storm. Luckily, Kyle is prepare to combat this menace, and calls a meeting of South Park’s children. Kyle decides to employee a “parent lock” to keep the parents of South Park from committing murder. The parents of South Park resolve to learn computer gaming, and so battle ensues in the virtual realm of Minecraft.


Episode 3 World War Zimmerman

In an excellent parody of World War Z, Cartman becomes increasingly concerned about the dangers of the token black kid. Cartman writes a zombie survival guide, survives numerous plane crashed, and become increasingly distraught by Colorado’s lack of stand-your-ground laws. Cartman eventually goes to Florida to confront George Zimmerman.


Episode 4 Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers

As the fear of Goth kids takes over South Park, Henrietta is sent to a camp for troubled kids. She returns slightly turned into an emo. This sends the rest of the goth kids into panic, and they must seek collaboration with the emo kids to survive.


Episode 5 Taming Strange

South Park Elementary starts using a new computer system. The system shows that Ike has entered puberty before Kyle. In order to solve this problem the school does the right thing and updates their system.

Also, the Canadian Minister of Health offers a public service announcement of about the importance of a woman’s queefing and reproduction.


Episode 6 Ginger Cow

Cartman’s prank inadvertently results in a thousand years of world peace. Religious leaders flock to South Park to witness a miracle. Kyle and Cartman fight over who will rule the world during this time.


Episode 7 Black Friday

As the first installment of a three episode story arch the children of South Park split into two warring clans. Kyle, the member of the faction intent on purchasing discount Xbox ones, fights against Stan the leader of the PS4 clan.

Randy takes a job as a mall security guard, and quickly falls victim to the gangs’ game of thrones style battle.


Episode 8 A Song of Ass and Fire

In the second installment of the three part story arch, a mob of shoppers gather outside of the local mall. The children battle in the parking lot. Butters is sent by Cartman to George R. R. Martin’s home to learn a way to beat Kyle’s faction. Kyle allies himself with a murderous Bill Gates.


Episode 9 Ti**ies and Dragons

In the final installment of the three part story arch, Princess Kenny uses his magical powers to battle for the PS4 faction. Dismayed by the shittiness of the PS4 Kyle and Cartman switch sides.


Episode 10 The Hobbit

A conflict between Butters and Wendy’s shy friend results in Wendy speaking out against the rampant photoshopping of famous women. Specifically, that Kim Kardashian is actually a Hobbit. This leads to Kanye West fighting to prove that she is not a Hobbit.

Season 16

1.) Reverse cowgirl

March 14, 2012

reverse cowgirl

Kreg moms died in a very unlikely death because kreg left the toilet seat open.However Kreg mom has been reminding regularly of this habit to Kreg but he ignored.TSA after the incident realized that it has failed in its security of common people and formulated enhanced security measure like post 9/11 reaching everywhere including the washroom of each house and buildings with security cameras and line to check peoples a**h*l*s.

Explanation-Post 9 /11 extra security on airport  parody.


2.)Cash for gold

March 21, 2012

Cash for gold

Television shopping network shows is selling  priceless jewellery at reasonable price to their lucrative clientele,the elderly citizen.Stan’s grandfather ordered a piece for him but stan found out it to be worth nothing compared to the price his grandfather paid.He was pi**d off and was very harsh to the seller as he thought that they are exploiting the elderly people. Cartman however was inspired and started his own old jewelry tv store.

Explanation-Television shopping network cheap marketing tactics on elderly people.



March 28, 2012

Faith Hilling

Kyle and cartman are in agreement to prevent their culture of meme called faithhilling.They did a dangerous stunt of faithhilling in a republican debate concert.But as people were in a conquest to out date each other by inventing a new meme,the boys did not got the attention they thought they deserve.Instead they were shown an outdated 2010 video showing dangers of teeboying.But boys kept their faith that faithhilling is cool and ultimately everybody had to agree with it.

Explanation-Continuously changing internet meme for no important reason.



April 4, 2012


Cartman wanted to show that a creature called jewpacabra is around in he forest who hates every one who is not a jew.But his own plan turned around on himself .He started believing in judaism in his own learned way.



April 11, 2012


Butter being victim of a unlikely bully is stressed.People are unaware of the unobvious bully. But still choose butters to be a bully victim in a anti bully video for a anti bullying organization leaded by stan .Cartman contributes by singing about her vagage in the video. Butter got frustrated by all this and finally stood up for himself but then people thought he is a violent psychopath and blamed Stan.Although stan choose to make video  for bullying awareness and not for himself,he felt bad as nobody liked him as a hero anymore.He went off to j**koff in sandiego.

Explanation-Satirizes antibullying video by cypruss ranch high school and the ‘jason russel public mental breakdown on san diego scandal’ after his ‘film kony 2012 controversy’ regarding the legitimacy and morality of the video.


6.) I should have never gone ziplining

April 18, 2012


Boys decide to have some adventure and went on a ziplining only to know that they have to do it with other guys.Everything that they thought was dangerous and exciting turned out to be deadly boring and diarrhea giving.Kenny died of boredom.


7.)Cartman finds love

April 25, 2012


Catman thinks that the new black girl and token belong together so he decide to bring them together.Kyle actually had the crush on the girl but cartman said all other bitches to stay away from his man and that kyle swings with the same team.He was quite successful in his plan but not in a way he thought.




A new rule of making football safe is passed to prevent head injury which is very common in the game.Randy in an attempt to protest against it actually end up being coach of sarcastaball team which is safest possible football team.It is radically new way of playing foot ball except every one has to wear bra and tin hat and have to be as nice as possible to the other team.Butter who otherwise suck at sports was star player of this team.He gave his goo to others in the form of his c*m.Cee lo gave a breathtaking  performance in an inaugural match of national sarcastaball league.


9.)Raising the bar

raising the bar

All of a sudden the whole society seem to have no shame.It is as if the bar of standards have been lowered to deep inside a sea.Cartman decided to accept and no longer ignore his obesity and do something about it and bought a obesity scooter himself and tell people about the problems of being fat.A new tv star gave him a tough comptetion.Seeing all this james cameron decided to raise the bar in the society.With his pioneering effort as always this time deep below the sea he was successful in his job.




I saaw dam kaayal i saaw dam cried ike to kyle making a crude drawing after he saw their parents having sex but misunderstood his father to be UPS man from amazon..or the new milkman.Kyle when came to know about this discusses it with boys.Cartman took the matter very seriously as he thought that anyone who could bang kyles mom could rape anyone in the town.This rumor reached boys parents.The man who visits every house in town for delivery is under suspicion for banging their wife.So bane.. sorry banes… nono all men decided to kill him at the cost of luxury of getting stuff delivered right at their home..Moreover insecurity spread by security commercial on tv lead to installation of a series of security systems.But all were proved worthless by cartmans experiments.It turns out in- security systems is the best security company in the town.


11.)Going native

Going native

It was shocking revealed that butters is not like the rest of the kids when he started acting out.His parents seeing this decided to unveil to him that he is from another place and its time for him go for journey of self discovery to hawaii.He took kenny to accompany him.


12.)A nightmare on facetime


Randy marsh buys an abondened blockbuster store to sell dvds.It is so ancient that it has ghost in them.All family got stuck inside store because of snowstorm.Stan wanted to go trick-or-treat with his friends but .So he his facetime to experience Halloween night while randy seeing zero customer count started loosing his mind inside dvd store.

Explanation-Parody of  1980 horror film The shining.Satire on the use of technology for being connected all the time through devices like facetime.


13.)A scause for applause


Jesus is under trial for using performance enhancing drug to perform sacrifices and win peoples accolades.People want all their what would jesus do wrist band to be cut off.Stan refuses as he just like it.So nike company signed him for their commercial.Soon he became a celebrity,But when people came to know he once cut the wrist band but put it again they outraged against him.To get back their inadvertently got fame he and jesus decide to do some other miracles but couldn’t until jesus do what jesus would do,ie Get high

Explanation-Parody of lance armstrong doping scandal.Lance armstrong is professional road racing cyclist who is banned from cycling in 2012 for doping offences.


14.) Obama wins


The fate of election is in cartmans hand.General tsao a chinese general hires him to steal the ballots.Chinese general tsao who FYI is a chicken had a deal with obama to give star war rights from disney to chinese.In exchange it will secure his presidency. Cartman hid it in hummer sale areas as nobody ever goes there.Kyle whom butter told everything wanted to take the ballot away from cart man so that right man gets elected.But it was left undisclosed for the common interest of the people as they think star war will be more safe with chinese.

Explanation-Voter fraud,Disney is an extremely large corporation to handle expertise and give attention to all of its projects.Politically publicized  paranoia about rise of china.


Season 15

1.) Human centipad

April 27, 2011


Kyle give a memorable  contribution to the development of a revolutionary product launched by geniuses in apple.Apples never read terms of user agreement helped him made his way.Cartman is pi**ed off because his mother doesn’t f**k him properly which equals to not buying him a proper ipad.



May 4, 2011


Germans are funniest people.They show it by building a machine which can have s*x and kill people.They did so to prove that they are the most funny people as southpark kids called them the least funny people in a comedy award show.



May 11, 2011

royal pudding

Canada’s princess  gets abducted from canada’s royal wedding.Ike went to save her from the monster called tooth decay.On return of the princess Canadians depicted their rich culture by wiping off royal pudding from hands,pulling the arm off and putting  it into the a**.Mackey is upset and angry.



May 18, 2011


Half of colarody is angry at something but all anger was mysteriously gone when the new T.M.I formula was changed so that every mans p**is size is now above average,except for cartman.He was  sent to anger management session when he replaced  heigt growth chart of kids with  actually kids p**is sizes .Everyone was jerk to cartman as nobody accepted his actual p**is size to be respectable 13 inches.


5.)Crack baby athletic association

May 25, 2011



Watching melodramatic Crack baby commerial hosted by Sarah McLachlan who for the record was famous for two month kyle decided to go volunteer.But he was offended when he discovered that cartman has secret business running of crack baby playing football video and loading it internet for money and was making millions.But cartman lured him to join the business as an accountant.But unhappy with the compensation for the players kyle wanted cartman to pay them and not treat them as hired slaves.He designed an orphanage for them from the money they were going to make from a deal with EA sports selling crack baby basketball video games.But were screwed because they could not proved that slash is not real as was the deal.However cartmans did not  wanted to alter his believe about slash.At the end crack bay had an orphanage with slash guitar and hat inside it.


6.) City shushi

June 8, 2011

City shushi

A war between new Japanese restaurant ,city shushi and the old chinese restaurant,city wok led people to know that they are actually different cuisine.Meanwhile butters parent grounded him because he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder by a completely sane psychiatrist whose multiple personality disorder sometime make him run the city wok restaurant.


7.)You re getting old

October 5, 2011

You are getting old


Stan happens to know the truth and so the whole world seemed very shitty to him.His friends starts avoiding him.Randy and sherin had an argument on whether tween wave sounds like sh*t or not and decided to move apart.


8.)A** burger

October 12, 2011

Ass burgers

Nothing makes stans happy now and he  is diagnosed asperger syndrome due to school vaccination.He was sent to asperger research center run by all matrix characters who have to take alcohol to view the world as others see it and not as sh*t.Cartman  filled his a** with burgers to prove he has assburger due to school vaccination.When kyle unknowingly tasted it he suggested to open a burger shop.Every other multi million corporation burger company could not find the secret ingredient in cartmans burger.


9.)The Last of the Meheecans

October 19, 2011

The Last of the Meheecans

Buters was lost playing an innocent games of preventing mexicans cross cartmans border while all the rest who forgot that butter was also playing made them self across cartmans border and defeated cartmans team.Cartman who otherwise lost according to general consent by other kids when knew that  he still got chance to win after he recall about butter took the responsibility very seriously.But sadly was defeated. Butters new foster parents who found him decided to fulfill all the needs a mehicans can have like making him clean dish or garden etc.But butters is unhappy inspite of these luxuries and went to mexico.He was a great influence to other mexicans but decided to make his way back to america by actually crossing cartmans border.


10.Bass to Mouth

November 2, 2011

Bass to mouth

A website run by some  infamous rat was spreading schools student juicy secrets by hacking their email and phone calls.Boys had a hard time stopping him.


11.)Broadway bro down

Oct 26,2011

Broadway bro down

A very hot and steamy show in the town  for women turns out to be a plain broadway musical show.Its makes women so hot that they give men BJ afterwards.Inspired by this art of shaking women into hour long BJ,Randy came with the idea to start his own show to get BJ.But he goes too obvious by making Bj reference often in music.It makes steven simon pi**edoff and call randy for a bro down.After the match tied up he decided to help him with his show.But the whole conspiracy was finally revealed by randy when he discovered that shelly went with  her new bf to the same  Broadway.He decided to end it in spiderman style but could not save shellys
bf who was not wearing a life preserver for the first time and died in the flooded theater


12.) 1%

November 2, 2011


The 99 % of the people decided to  start a rally against the 1 % because they have to face the treatment which should be only for the fat kid like Cartman.Cartman could not bear it and started killing its stuffed toys to get older.


13.) A history channels thanxgiving

November 9, 2011

A history channels thanxgiving

History channel undoubted truth helped boys prepare book report on thanx giving.They also agreed to give  interview to history channels documentary.Meanwhile with the history channels innocent attempt to reveal real history the truth about stuffing at thanxgiving and turkey stuffing was revealed for the first time.Kyle had  to persuade Natelli portman to open her wormhole to let the pilgrim from space warp back into his planet to fight the Indians and get back the stuffing mines.The truth that the thanx giving may also have been haunted was also revealed by history channel.


14.)The poor Kid

November 16, 2011

The poor kid

After kennys parent got arrested for having meth lab in backyard he and his brother and sister were taken to foster are worried and in pain as child protective service people are trying to be funny.Cartman is seriously disturbed when he could not find out who is the poorest kid left so he can feel happy ripping on him.Now according to him he has  has to rip on himself as he is only the poor kid left.Meanwhile at the foster home  mysterion tricked the agnostic foster parents to drink blue ribbon and sent them to jail for mistreating kids for being certain.

Season 14

1.)Sexual Healing
March 17, 2010

Sexual healing

Kyle ,kenny and butters could not tell what color was naked lady’s handkerchief shown to them in a test to sort out the student who are suffering from  s*x addiction.Butters became obsessed with bush between the naked lady’s leg.The test was conducted to check the s*x addiction epidemic which is making stories in media including celebrities like golfer tiger woods bill Clinton, charlie sheen etc which was spreading due to unknown reason.While the Kyle and butters were sent to s*x addiction therapy camp stan and cartman enjoyed EA sports golf.They liked  swinging golf bat in combo move to hit tiger woods and also  his wife chasing his car with the bat.Scientist claimed that large amount of cash was responsible for rich successful celebrities turning  sick and s*x addict and different from normal people who have s*x occasionally and have no desire to have s*x with multiple partners.Finally it was proved that an alien was causing the the spell of s*x addiction.It was killed and rich celebrities got free from s*x addiction with the disease leaving there bodies in a dancing style.

Dam it ..I want answers

What about love..

Screw this game..who wants to hit a dumb little ball around.


2.)The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
March 24, 2010


Boys in an attempt to quench their thirst for gross,sm*t and vulgarity which was not full filled by the historically controversial novel catcher in the rye though being banned for vulgarity and not so much to find hidden inside wrote a book as gross and childishly funny as possible.Afraid of being caught when the book went missing they put the blame on butters.But shocked as adults were very pleased of the work and butters became celebrity. Seeing this boys demanded the book to be banned just like catcher in rye as it as much more offensive and vulgar and does not have to say anything just like catcher in the rye.Adult however were busy finding the hidden subtext and point the book has to say .They argued that no one could make fun of Jessica Parker so many times just because it is funny or offensively gross.


3.)Medicinal Fried Chicken

March 31, 2010

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Randy wanted to buy weeds from local shop opened in place of KFC chicken.The new states law it legal and allows it if you get a doctors prescription.He got him some testicular cancer and went and bought himself some marijuana.Other men followed the same and started buying weeds and bouncing around town on their huge b*lls.On the other hand KFC which is banned in low income areas is making eric crazy.His addiction for KFC makes him join black market which sells it at higher price.Finally when things got out of control the Marijuana was made illegal again and KFC was brought in to town.

Mom said to stop trying to give yourself cancer.

Just gotta get a little bit of cancer.


Hey my eyes are up here.


4.)You Have 0 Friends (Facebook episode)
April 7, 2010

You Have 0 Friends

Stan did not want to be on facebook.But he involuntarily got sucked into Facebook when cartman and kyle made a profile for him.Stan life has become hell because he do not want to collect hundreds of facebook friends and don’t find time to like or comment on photos and updates of his dad or grandmas or people he dont know because he is busy with his real world activities.His relationship with wendy is about to end because he did not paid attention to change his relationship status. Meanwhile Kyle lost all his friends when he added kip jordy a third grader who dont have any facebook or real friends  .He went to cartman for help.Cartman podcast is great at giving share market type advice to people telling how to collect friends online .They could not find any one but d**ks when they tried chat roulette.So kyle had to dump kip jordy.

Stan disinterest in collecting friends as a commodity for status or time killing waiting for responses on facebook  made him battle with profile in a game of yatzy to finally get out of it.All thousands of his friends were transferred to kip jordy.

He laughed out loud and then he was rolling on the floor laughing.

This is how the world works.If you want some quality friends you have wade through all the the d**ks first:Cartman while helping kyle to find new friends chat roulette

Chick friends are worth double dude friends.

Stan poke your grandma.

His friends live on a farm.


April 14, 2010


Tom cruise is suing everyone in the town because Stan called him a fudge packer when he saw him packing fudge in  a fudge factory.He along with all the celebrities south park ever ridiculed demanded Mohammed to remove the class action law suite on the town.They thought if they can get Mohammed’s goo they will get his power to not get slandered by anybody again…Cartman led by his hand  Mich carner to get some money joined the celebrities.His hand made a deal to help him and in return he will tell who his dad is.To find his dad he went to Mr garrison.Another more group of people The gingers also want this goo.They are threatning south park with violence.Tom cruise and other celebrities following the same let loose barbra streisand on south park.



April 21, 2010


While barbra streisand is pouring her wrath on south park cartman is desperate to find who his dad is.When celebrities finally got Mohammed they transferred his goo to tom cruise body but it somehow didn’t seem to work.Cartman finds out the dark truth about who his dad is.Knowing that he himself is half ginger he became really upset but knowing that he is also half broncos felt better.The whole town is saved  from barbra streisand and gingers by super best friends.


7.)Crippled Summer

April 28, 2010


Theme: Parody of the show Intervention.

Main Characters: Towelie, Timmy, and Jimmy

Description: Towelie’s drug addiction has become overwhelmingly bad, the kids help him out. The kids show him his drug addiction through head interviews. Jimmy and Timmy attend a summer camp. A fellow camper wants to kill Jimmy, but his attempts keep backfiring.

Highlights: “Shut up, Mimsy!”


8.)Poor and Stupid

October 6, 2010


Theme: Making fun of NASCAR.

Main Characters: Cartman, Butters, and Kenny.

Description: Cartman tries to become poor and stupid so he can be a NASCAR driver. Butter helps him. Kenny becomes angry with Cartman.


Highlights: “NASCAR is only for poor and stupid people. I don’t have what it takes.”


9.)It's A Jersey Thing

October 13, 2010

Theme: Making fun of the “Jersey phenomenon.” Mostly Jersey Shore, and the Real House Wives of Jersey Shore.

Main Characters: Kyle, Sheila, and Cartman.

Description: Obnoxious New Jersey residents move to South Park. Kyle can’t control his actions. His mom tells him it is because she is from New Jersey. Cartman makes fun of Kyle because he is from New Jersey.


Highlights: “You got cabbage in your m*ff!”



October 20, 2010


Theme: Making fun of Inception the movie, and the show Hoarders.

Main Characters: Mr. Mackey and Stan.

Description: Mr. Mackey suffers from compulsive hoarding. Experts try to relate his past to his hoarding with Stan.

Highlights: “If you throw that away I will rape you in your mouth!”


11.)Coon 2: Hindsight

October 27, 2010

Theme: Making fun of James Cameron and the BP oil spill.

Main Characters: Coon and friends, Captain Hindsight.

Description: The Coon now has an entire team of superheroes which he calls, “Coon and friends.” Cartman gets his mom to drive him and his super friends to an apartment on fire so they can save the day. As they arrive so too does Captain Hindsight. He tells everyone the safety measures that should have been taken. Then leaves to a standing ovation, everyone leaves while there are still people burning in the apartment. Cartman tells his super friends that they need to get Captain Hindsight to join them.

Highlights: “Were sorry….” says the C.E.O. of BP in commercials.


12.)Mysterion Rises

November 3, 2010


Theme: Revealing who Mysterion is. Making fun of Lebron James commercial.

Main Characters: Kenny, Coon, super friends.

Description: Mysterion leads Coon and friends to help people in the Gulf coast; who are being attacked by the dark lord Cthulhu. The Coon is working alone, and is out for revenge.

Highlights: “Dude, Kenny chill out.”


13.)Coon vs. Coon & Friends

November 10, 2010


Theme: Making fun of superheroes and Never Ending Story.

Main Characters: Coon and Friends, Mysterion, Coon, and Mint-Berry Crunch.

Description: Coon and friends are at the mercy of Cartman. Kenny wrestles with the curse that is his super power.

Highlights: “Cthulhu this guy too….cool. Oh get that fire, twirling hippy b*ch.”


14.)Creme Fraiche

November 17, 2010


Theme: Making fun of the Food Network and the Shake Weight.

Main Characters: Randy, Sharon, and the boys.

Description: Watching the Food Network leads to Randy being obsessed with food. His family suffers the negative consequences of his obsession with food. The boys try to stop Randy and celebrity chefs from overrunning the school cafeteria. Meanwhile, Sharon orders a Shake Weight. Sharon goes to the Bahamas to get her groove back.


Highlights: The Shake Weight squirts water on Sharon’s face at the end of every workout as a cool down.

Season 13

1.)The Ring

March 11, 2009


Theme:Selling s*x

Main characters:Kenny, Mickey Mouse, the Jonas Brothers


Using the Jonas Brothers’ promotion of purity rings and abstinence, Mickey Mouse covertly sells s*x to their many fans. When Kenny meets a girl, Tammy, who is a fan, he accompanies her with for the promise of oral s*x, leading the boys to uncover the conspiracy in an attempt to save their friend.

Highlights: Kenny dies of syphilis.


2.)The Coon

March 18, 200


Theme:Superheroes, rivalry,Parody of films like watchman 2009,the spirit and dark knight.

Main characters:Cartman, Butters, Mysterion


Adopting a superhero persona, “The Coon,” Cartman takes to the streets to fight crime, only to learn that Mysterion, another masked hero, is gaining all the glory. Jealous, Cartman goes to Professor Chaos (Butters) to learn Mysterion’s true identity and ruin his image forever, becoming a bit of a villain in the process.

Highlights: “Look out, Bruce Vilanch! There are some super humans fighting right over there!”



March 25, 2009


Theme:Economic collapse, religiosity

Main characters:Kyle, Stan, Randy


In an effort to teach Stan monetary responsibility, he takes his son to open a bank account. Having his money disappear as soon as it is deposited is the first wave in a recession. Fearing the economy as a volatile deity, Randy forms a religious cult based on living by only essential needs. He does this in hopes of stability returning once again. Kyle begins to preach the opposite, telling all that the only way to please the economy is to spend. When asked how they should do so, Kyle takes on several credit cards in order to pay off everyone’s debt so they an spend again. As the town spills into insanity, Stan goes between companies as he tries to return Randy’s margaritaville, a gaudy machine that serves no real purpose.


The government decides financial decisions by cutting a chicken’s head off, and seeing where it lands on a wheel of potential actions they could take.

Randy demonstrates how to of stop pointing fingers.


4.)Eat, Pray, Queef
April 1, 2009


Theme:Marriage, bodily functions, scatological humor

Main characters:Terrance, Philip, Sharon, Shelly, Randy


Prepared to do another special, Canadian comedy duo, Terrance and Philip, are pulled off the air to give room for the Queef Sisters, woman who pass air through their v*ginas, rather than the traditional farting that gave Terrance and Philip their claim to fame. Inspired by the new show, the world, and the women of South Park, begin embracing the Queef Sisters’ brand of comedy, sending the men of the town into a cantankerous mood as they try to understand why they find it funny, but think their farts are immature.

Highlights: While buying insurance, Terrance and Phillip fart on Flo of Progressive Insurance.


April 8, 2009


Theme:Jokes, revenge, gay s*x

Main characters:Jimmy, Cartman, Kanye West, Carlos Mencia


When Jimmy comes up with an amazing Joke, Cartman slowly begins to claim more and more credit the more attention it receives. Soon Carlos Mencia claims authorship of the “fish-d**ks” joke, attracting the hatred of Kanye West who has been the butt of the joke several times. Once Kanye finds Cartman and Jimmy, they lead him to an epiphany about the joke, allowing him to realize that he was a gay fish all along.

Highlights: “You must be gay fish, homes!”


6.)Pinewood Derby
April 15, 2009


Theme:Cheating, aliens, intergalactic authority

Main characters:Randy, Stan


Tired of losing the Pinewood Derby every year, Randy steals a superconducting magnet from CERN’s particle collider. The magnet, when placed in Stan’s car, reaches warp speed, attracting the attention of an thief from space.

Highlights: “There’s no one named Babyfarts McGeezaks.”


April 22, 2009


Theme:Piracy, runaways

Main characters:Cartman, Ike, Butters, Kyle


Dreaming of a pirate’s life, and fed up with South Park, Cartman recruits Butters, Ike, Clyde, and Kevin to go with him to Somalia where they can live as pirates on the coast of Mogadishu. Taken hostage by real pirates on their way to seize a French ship, they’re rescued by a SEAL team.

Highlights: Kyle tricks Cartman into believing he can become an actual pirate by moving to Somalia.


8.)Dead Celebrities
October 7, 2009


Theme:Ghosts, celebrities, paranormal researching

Main characters:Ike, Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle


Ike, experiencing paranormal visitations from ghosts, prompts Kyle to reach out to Ghost Hunters to discover the source of the otherworldly disturbance. After meeting different dead celebrities, they learn that it is Michael Jackson, reaching out beyond the grave, that is unable to let Ike go until he fulfills his wish of being recognized as a pretty little girl.

Highlights: David Caradine’s ghost is seen swinging in a closet, dressed in women’s panties and stockings, a belt tied firmly around his neck.


9.)Butters' Bottom B*ch
October 14, 2009



Main characters:Butters, Sergeant Yates


After learning that girls make money by charging for kisses, Butters begins working with Sally, advertising her services for a cut of the profit. In time, he has a fulls staff of girls selling “services” on the playground for different prices. Soon actual prostitutes learn of his operation and go to work for him, attracting the attention of Sergeant Yates of the South Park Police.


Highlights: “Come on, Wendy. You should be putting that mouth to work.”



October 21, 2009


Theme: WWE entertainment sports.

Main charactersCartman, Stan, Kyle


Inspired to take up wrestling after watching the WWE, the boys are disheartened to know that the sport is different from the show. Determined to make it, they start a backyard wrestling league, filled with dinner theater and melodrama, soon attracting the attention of the WWE, and the ire of their former wrestling coach.


Highlights: Vince McMahon, through opera spectacles, judges the acting range of the boys in the ring.


11.)Whale Wh0**es
October 28, 2009


Theme: Japanese whale hunting

Main characters:Stan


Learning of the inhumane methods Japanese whalers hunt, Stan joins the crew from Whale Wars in an attempt to save the gentle animals. He soon learns that the Japanese hunt whales so viciously because the U.S. government lied to them years ago, claiming the animals were responsible for bombing Hiroshima in WW2.


Highlights: The Foreign Ministry of Japan has detailed photos of whales flying planes in WW2.


12.)The F Word
November 4, 2009


Theme:Societal effect on words.

Main characters:Cartman, Mr. Slave, Big Gay Al


When a group of bikers come to town, annoying South Park with their loud motors, everyone resorts to calling them “f*ggots.” This sparks outrage amongst the bikers, and South Park’s premier gay couple–Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave. Learning the history of the derogatory word has changed over history, the town argues to agree on a definition.

Highlights: While at a urinal, the bikers continue to mimic the sound of their motorcycle engines.


13.)Dances with Smurfs
November 11, 2009


Theme:.Journalism, expose, libel.Satirizes glen beck a national radio host,Avatar

Main characters:Cartman, Wendy


Made into something of a newsman in South Park Elementary, Cartman uses his platform to lambast everyone with his opinions, including Wendy, Class President. He claims that she wants to kill the Smurfs, eve going as far to pen a book about her affairs and selling the rights to James Cameron which became the film Avatar.

Highlights: “Wendy Testaburger has proven time and again that she will do anything to pleasure her v*gina.”



November 18 2009


Theme:2012 Doomsday fad

Main characters: Cartman, Kyle


Dismayed that minorities are in attendance in the water park, Cartman speculates that there won’t be any white people left come the year 2012, coinciding with the Mayan prophecy of doom. Kyle, also at the water park, is disgusted to learn that the water is mostly urine. The levels reach so high that tsunamis of urine that flood the park.

Highlights: In order to test the effect of urine, scientists urinate on monkeys, citing their discomfort as proof of eventual mutation when exposed to urine.

Chemist-I tested the pH level this morning..It was alomost pee no H.

Season 12

1.)Tonsil Trouble

March 12, 2008

Theme: AID’s epidemic.


Main Characters: Cartman, Kyle, Magic Johnson.

Description: Cartman goes to the hospital for a tonsillectomy, but it goes wrong. He wakes up with AID’s. He also infects Kyle with the disease. The two spend the episode trying to find a cure for the disease. The two go and see Magic Johnson, who has figured out how to beat AID’s.

Highlights: “Were not just sure, were HIV positive.”


2.)Britney's New Look

March 19, 2008


Theme: Britney Spears social faux pas and the lottery.

Main Characters: Britney Spears, Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Butters.

Description: The boys try to get a picture of Britney Spears social faux pas. However after Britney survives a suicide attempt. The boys find out why Britney does the things she does, and tries to save her.

Highlights: Britney Spears singing “Gimme More.”


3.)Major Boobage
March 26, 2008

Theme: Homage to classic movie “Heavy Metal.” Also sniffing as a way to get high.

Main Characters: Kenny, Cartman, Kyle’s dad.

Description: Kenny starts to sniff cat urine in order to get high, and his friends become worried about him. The town bans all cats, so Cartman takes in all of the town’s cats. Also Kyle’s dad relapses into sniffing cat urine.

Highlights: “I see you are enticed by my daughter’s awesome rockin t*ts.”


4.)Canada on Strike
April 2, 2008


Theme: 2007-2008 Writers strike in america.

Main Characters: Stephen Abootman, Butters, Terrance and Phillip, Ike, Kyle.

Description: Canada “Appreciation Day” is mocked in the U.S. This leads Canada to go on strike. They demand money from the internet. The boys try to turn Butters into the next big internet star.

Highlights: “I’m not your buddy friend”


5.)Eek, a P*nis
April 9, 2008


Theme: Patriots football team cheating.

Main Characters: Mr. Garrison, Cartman, Patriots.

Description: Mrs. Garrison goes to reverse his s*x change. Cartman is left in charge becoming a strict teacher.


Highlights: “My p*nis is on the loose, if you see it just try and catch it with some cheese.”


.)Over Logging
April 16, 2008


Theme: Grapes of Wrath.

Main Characters: Stan, Shelly, Randy, Kyle.

Description: After the whole town finds out there is no internet. Randy takes his family west to California where he hears there is still internet.

Highlights: ” Once you j**koff to Japanese girls puking into each other’s mouths you can’t exactly go back to Playboy.”


7.)Super Fun Time
Aril 23, 2008


Theme: Living museum where workers who don’t break character

Main Characters: Cartman, Butters.

Description: The kids take a field trip to a living museum; where the workers don’t break character. Cartman and Butters sneak away to the amusement park next door. The rest of the class is taken hostage by robbers.


Highlights: “I wanna shoot an Indian.”


8.)The China Probrem
October 8, 2008


Theme: Indiana Jones and the Olympics

Main Characters: Cartman, Butters, Stan, Kyle, Kenny.

Description: Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are traumatized after watching the newest Indiana Jones movie. Cartman and Butters invade P.F. Chang’s. Because Cartman thinks the Chinese will invade America.

Highlights: “I bet you can squeal, I bet you can squeal like a pig.”


9.)Breast Cancer Show Ever
October 15, 2008


Theme: Breast cancer.

Main Characters: Wendy, Cartman

Description: Cartman makes fun of Wendy’s report about breast cancer. Wendy then challenges him to a fight.

Highlights: “you’re the one talking about killer t*tties.”


October 22, 2008


Theme: Peruvian flute bands.

Main Characters: Peruvian flute bands, the boys, Craig.

Description: Peruvian flute bands are everywhere. The boys ask Craig to help finance their own flute band. The government is trying to figure out how to handle the Peruvian flute bands everywhere.

Highlights: “Sir, I promise you I will not ruin your plans. I’ll just walk away, see?”


11.)Pandemic 2 - The Startling
October 29, 2008


Theme: Making fun of first-person startle horror movies.

Main Characters: Randy, the boys, and giant guinea pigs.

Description: The boys are lost in the Andes Mountains. Where they found out the secret to why the giant guinea pigs are attacking. Randy documents the attacks with his video camera.

Highlights: ” Oh god, oh god, I’m so startled.”


12.)About Last Night
November 5, 2008


Theme: Day after the 2008 Presidential election.

Main Characters: Barrack Obama, John McCain.

Description: In South Park the Obama supporters are celebrating his victory, while McCain supporters fear the end of the world.

Highlights: “Celebrate good Obama, come on! It’s Obama Obama…”


13.)Elementary School Musical
November 12, 2008


Theme: Parody of Disney’s High School Musical.

Main Characters: The Boys, Briden, Mr. Queero.”

Description: The boys realize they are the only kids at school who are not affected by the High School Musical fad.

Highlights: “Oh now I’m slap happy. Slap, slap, slap.”


14.)The Ungroundable
November 19, 2008


Theme: Twilight fad is spreading.

Main Characters: Butters and the Goth kids.

Description: The vampire fad is popular cause of the movie Twilight. Butters think’s vampires are real. The Goth kid’s style is mistaken with the vampire style.


Highlights: “I’m not part of your society.”

Season 11

1.) With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

March 7, 2007


Theme: teaching children to be more mindful of what they say

Main character: Mr. Nelson, Randy Marsh, Stan Marsh, Eric

Description: In this episode Randy is playing wheel of fortune on live television. When he accidentally uses the word niggers to solve a puzzle that’s answer was naggers. After doing this Randy then tries to apologies to the back community but is unsuccessful. While this is happening Stan tries to explain to his African American friend that it was a mistake and his dad is not racist. Stan leaned by watching a little person called Mr. Nelson try to prove a point. That he will never understand how someone who is a diffrent race feels when they are called a nigger. After Stan realizes this his friend forgives him for his dad’s actions.


2.)Cartman Sucks
March 14, 2007


Theme: don’t jump to conclusions

Main character: Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny

Description: In this episode we open to find Eric showing Stan, Kyle, and Kenny photos of butters. Eric has intentionally taken these photos after doing something he finds funny to butters. Before finishing showing the book to the three boys butters arrives. When butters spends the night at Erics house. Eric decides to take a picture of him with butters penis in his mouth. He then goes to show it to the three other boys the next morning. Kyle then tells Eric that the picture makes him gay. Eric then decides to get ride of the picture. Until he can not find it. Eric automatically assumes that Kyle has taken his picture from him. After trying to get the photo back and failing to do so. Eric decides to show everyone the picture himself to take away the satisfaction that Kyle would receive. Only to find out while showing the photo. That Kyle did not have the photo he did. He had only misplaced it under his desk.


3.)Lice Capades
March 21, 2007


Theme: lice spreads fast

Main characters: Craig, Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny

description:In this episode we start off in class with the four boys. Where they are informed that they will be getting examined for lice. After every kid in the class is tested the students ask the teacher who had lice. The teacher refused to tell. So Eric devises a fake test to frame Kenny so everyone thinks he had lice. After framing Kenny Eric and the rest of their class do and put soap in socks. To get Kenny with in the park. During the attack on Kenny, Kyle admits that he has lice. Only to start a chane of people to admit that they had lice.


4.)The Snuke
March 29, 2007


Theme: terrorists come to south park

Main characters: Stan, Eric, Kyle, Kenny

description: In this episode a new middle eastern kid comes to school. Eric is certain that the new kid is a terrorist. So he reports it to the head of the CIA. Little does Eric know the new kid has nothing to do with the planted snuke. The snuke bomb was really planted by a team of Russian mercenaries hired by the English. So the English could try to but an end to the American revolution.


5.)Fantastic Easter Special
April 4, 2007


Theme: The Easter bunny was created because Jesus intended for it to be a pope

Main characters: Stan, Randy, Kyle

Description: In this episode Stan starts to ask questions about why people dye eggs for Easter and what a rabbit has to do with it. Stan soon finds out that their is a secret society that protects the secret of the Easter and why rabbits are involved. Right before the secret society reveals to Stan why the rabbit is important. Ninjas from the catholic church con and capture or kill all of the members of the secret society. Leaving Stan to take the rabbit and carry it away from the harm of the Catholics. Only to return to the catholic church to save his dad. After handing over the rabbit in exchange for his dad. Jesus appears and helps save the rabbit and kill the catholic leader after he made himself pope by force.


April 11, 2007

Theme: Ms. Garrison is a lesbian

Main characters: Ms. Garrison

description: In this episode Ms. Garrison walks into the classroom furious and assigns the class a book report over the weekend. everyone in the class except Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Kenny gets their report done in time. The four boys at first are worried that they will get in trouble by their teacher. Until their teacher walks in happy and has no problem with giving them more time for their homework. This was because she decided that she wanted to be a lesbian. She had even found a lesbian girlfriend. Shortly after discovering this the bar she goes to is sold to Persians. Who want to turn it into a normal bar. All the lesbians from the bar decide to work together to make the bars theirs. Eventually Ms. Garrison finds out that the Persian who bought the bar is a women pretending to be a man.


7.)Night of the Living Homeless
April 18, 2007


Theme: don’t give the homeless change

Main characters: Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny

Description: In this episode the town of south park becomes over run by the homeless. So the four boys in an attempt to save there parents. Go to another town right next to south park. Who had a homeless problem right before south park did. Only to find out that this town sent all of their homeless people to south park. So the four boys find a bus and modify it. To get the homeless to follow them to SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA. where the four boys leave all of the homeless people.


8.)Le Petit Tourette
October 3, 2007


Theme: Tourette’s is a serious disease

Main characters: Eric and Kyle

Description: In this episode Eric pretends to have Tourette’s. He feels like it is a great thing to be able to say obscenities without getting punished. Shortly after this Eric gets the television show dateline. To give him a special interview to explain what living with Tourette’s is really like. Although right after getting an acceptance letter from the TV show dateline. Eric realizes he really has lost the ability to control what he says. In the end Stan saves Eric from going on television and humiliating himself.


9.)More C**p

October 10, 2007


Theme: Randy Marsh almost wins the award for the worlds largest crap

Main characters: Randy, Stan, and Bono

Description: In this episode we start off with Randy in the hospital. Where he is told he is constipated and is given a laxative to help him pass stool. After finally passing it he checks it to see if it beats the world record. After successfully beating the world record held by Bono. Bono interrupts during the ceremony to claim the award back. Randy then decides to win back the award. Randy is finally able to win the award back.


October 17, 2007


Theme: imaginative creatures are real

Main characters: Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny

Description: In this episode we start off with Eric trying to prove that he found a real leprechaun . After catching the leprechaun briefly Eric demanded that Kyle keeps his promise to suck his balls. After Kyle refuses Kyles demands Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Butters were taken to Imaginationland. Shortly after being brought here they experience a terrorist attack. everyone but Butters manages to escape from their. This causes a huge problem with the pentagon. So Stan and Kyle were taken by the united states to help them enter Imaginationland.


11.)Imaginationland: Episode II
October 24, 2007


Theme: imaginative creatures are real

Main characters: Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Butters

Description: when we open this episode we find the evil imagination creatures breaking into imaginationland. Where they plan to try and take over imaginationland. The evil imaginative creatures manage to take over inaginationland. So the US government decides to send and explode a nuclear bomb on our imagination.


12.)Imaginationland: Episode III
October 31, 2007


Theme: imaginative creatures are real

Main characters: Eric, Stan, and Kyle

Description: In this episode Imaginationlad wins the war but is still bombed. So it is up to Butters to reimagine Imaginationland. After he reimagines Imaginationland he wakes up in his bed. Only to get grounded for not helping his mother clean that day.


13.)Guitar Queer-O
November 7, 2007


Theme: guitar hero is lame

Main characters: Stan and Kyle

Description: in this episode Stan and Kyle buy an X-Box to play guitar hero. They both manage to make a total of 100,000 points. Then they both get picked up by a talent scout. Who wants to get them to make one million points. Unfortunately Kyle and Stan separate and they fail to make that many points. In the end Stan and Kyle team back up to manage to make that many points. Only to find out when they make that many they get called a fag by the game.




14.)The List
November 14, 2007



Theme: there is more to life then looks

Main characters: Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Wendy

Description: In this episode Butters tells everyone that the girls have a secret list. So the boys come up with a plan to get the list from the girls. After failing at their first attempt. The boys manage to succeed in obtaining the list. Once the list is out everyone makes fun of Kyle for being the ugliest kid in his class. Only to eventually find out that the list was compromised. Right before Kyle burned down the school.

Season 10

1.)Return of Chef

March 22, 2006


Theme: Occultism, conspiracy,Revenge on chef-Episode just made to kill chef charater.

Main characters:Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Chef

After leaving to join the Super Adventure Club, Chef comes back with a sexual lust that puts all the kids at South Park Elementary on edge. Curious as to what is the cause behind this, the boys discover that the Super Adventure club, a ring a of globetrotting pedophiles that believe s*x with children gives them immortality, have brainwashed their friend. The boys realized that the only way to save their friend is to remind him of who he was, mostly by taking him to strip club where he can remember his love for women.


“Oh my god! They killed Chef!”

“I wanna-Make love-to your A**Hole-children”

Chef left after Scientology episode so they had to use cheff voice from previous episodes to form a dialogue.


2.)Smug Alert
March 29, 2006


Theme: Side effects of Conservationism

Main characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Gerald

When Kyle’s father purchases a hybrid car, he feels entitled to lecture the town about their less than friendly eco-habits. Annoyed by the reception, Gerald moves the city to San Francisco, to be nearer to more “mindful” people. Kyle tries to adjust to his new surroundings while his parents become so obsessed with their own self worth, that they absorb their own flatulence because they love their own essence. Without their friend, Stan must find a way to make South Park more tolerant. He does so by writing a preachy song about hybrids that dooms South Park to be even more smug than San Fransisco.
“There’s a reason most San Francisco kids take drugs.”

“And that..too stop talking with your eyes closed.Thats what smug people do”


3.)Cartoon Wars Part I
April 5, 2006


Theme:Censorship, Free speech

Main characters:Kyle, Cartman, Stan.

Learning that the cartoon Family Guy is scheduled to feature an episode with the prophet Muhammad, South Park fears an imminent terrorist attack is on the way. Cartman, who hates the cartoon for its poor joke, sees it as an opportunity to criticize it for its insensitivity towards Muslims, and vows to have it taken off the air. Kyle, a fan, heads out to stop him and preserve his favorite show. Meanwhile, Stan sees the world try to shield themselves from terrorism by shoving their heads in the sand.

“We stay till the night wait it out to see if they do anything.If we are still alive in the morning then we will know that we are not dead”

“Garrisons teaches children about the religion of the middle east and tells them why they are upset””

“Epic Chase on the road”


4.)Cartoon Wart Part II
April 12, 2006



Theme:Censorship, terrorism, religion Creators personal view on Family guy

Main characters:Cartman, Kyle, Stan

Cartman learns that the Family Guy writing staff is comprised of manatees that select verbs and nouns at random to create their many jokes. Kyle soon arrives at the same Fox Studios in order to save the show. He pleads with the Fox president not to censor the image of Muhammad in order to preserve free speech. Once the cartoon airs, al-Qaeda responds with a cartoon of their own, showing Jesus defecate on George Bush, claiming the behavior is endemic in America.

“Lets c**p”

“Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network”


5.)A Million Little Fibers
April 19, 2006


Theme:”Controversy over the novel A Million Little Pieces

Main characters: Oprah, Towelie

After penning a book, A Million Little Fibers, Towelie becomes a sensation in literature, until it is discovered that his memoir has been forged. Chased into obscurity by Oprah, who feels herself the fool for supporting his work, her v*gina and anus plot against her for leaving her orifices sexually under served. Together, they take her audience hostage until Oprah finds the time to “play” with them both

“I learned I shouldn’t get high to come up with ideas. I should come up with ideas, then reward myself by getting high.”

“IF i was a towel why would i were this hat and this fake mustache”



April 26, 2006


Theme:Former vice precident Al Gore’s cereal belief about global warming.

Main characters:Vice President Al Gore, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny

Touring America with a new message of environmental awareness, former Vice President Al Gore comes to South Park with warnings of Manbearpig, a creature that is “half man, half bear, and half pig.” Depressed that no one will listen to his message, Stan takes pity on him, which ropes him and the rest of the gang into a cave expedition to find the elusive beast. Trapped in a collapsed cavern during their hunt, Cartman consumes a trove of treasure in an attempt to stop “sneaky” Kyle from taking it from him.

“I am cereal”

“These rocks make interesting shapes which we like to name for instance this one here we named The hanging mush room and here we have Man with helmet and two bowling balls and finally ofcourse the two sisters”

“What do Manbearbig dropping look like-Similar to pigs dropping but more man bear like”

“And someday, when the world is rid of Manbearpig, everyone will say ‘thank you, Al Gore. You’re awesome.'”





Main characters:Cartman, Cartman’s mom, Cesar Milan

May 3, 2006

Frustrated by his unruly behavior, Cartman’s mom reaches out to various nanny programs to help bring her child under control. Cartman drives the nannies insane, driving one to eat excrement in thought of the horrors she had to endure. Exhausting her options, Cartman’s mom comes to Cesar Milan, a famous dog training expert, who helps her take control of her boy by treating him like an unruly animal.

“Dogs show their dominance by nipping each other on the neck, but it works equally well on the child.”



8.)Make Love Not Warcraft
October 4, 2006



Main characters:Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny

When a new player ruins the boys’ fun in their favorite game, the bury themselves in training, ruining their bodies by consuming mounds of hot pockets and defecating into pans carried by Cartman’s mom in the process in order to defeat the mysterious player. Meanwhile Randy, roped into the game, travels to the games’ developers in order to defeat such a loser who is so good at the game.

“No my god”

“No sadly i have a life.”


9.)Mystery of the Urinal Deuce

October 11, 2006


Theme:Conspiracy theories

Main characters:Stan, Kyle, Cartman

When someone defaces a urinal in the boys’ room in South Park Elementary, Cartman says the persecution is akin to the conspiracy that was responsible for the infamous 9/11 attacks, which was orchestrated by the government and a cabal of Jews. Adamant in proving the truth to Kyle and Stan, Cartman digs in to the conspiracy behind 9/11, drafting the talent of the Hardy Boys, brother detectives who have hard clues that point to the truth.

“Oh! I’ve got a raging Clue!”


10.)Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
October 18, 2006



Theme:News of female teachers having relationship with young male students,Parody Dog the Bounty Hunter,

Main characters:Cartman, Kyle, Ike

When designated a hall monitor, Cartman takes his new authority to new heights, becoming a bounty hunter that leads him to uncover a sexual relationship between Ike, Kyle’s five-year-old brother and the new sexy kindergarten teacher. Spurned by the police, jealous that they never had a teacher come on to them like Ike had, Kyle attempts to confront her on his own. Meanwhile, Cartman, his b*ch, and the rest of his hall monitoring crew go on to stop the relationship, arresting people and telling them to “go with Christ,” in the process.


“Ya  we need to track this student down and give this boy luckiest american boy medal right away”

“Oh no.. i dont believe it she is using the Mel gibson defence”


11.)Hell on Earth 2006

October 25, 2006



Main characters:Satan, Butters, Biggie Smalls

Satan wants to celebrate the most unholy of holidays with a big bash in L.A., channeling the most fearsome minions of hell top make it happen, and preventing anyone from dressing up as The Crow, ruining his chances to “hook-up” at the end of the night. Meanwhile, in South Park, Butters calls on the spirit of deceased rapper Biggie Smalls, who forces the boy to take him to the party.


“We’re here to pick up the Ferrari cake.”

Controversy Steve Erwin


12.)Go God Go
November 1, 2006


Theme:Atheism, science, religion

Main characters:Richard Dawkins, Cartman, Mrs. Garrison

When forced to teach evolution, Mrs. Garrison objects, making Richard Dawkins appear to educate the children in science. Upset, the two feud with one another over the science of evolution, leading Mrs. Garrison to defecate in her hand and throw it at Dawkins, professing herself to be a monkey. Meanwhile, Cartman, impatient over the delayed release of the Nintendo Wii, freezes himself to speed the passing of time so he can get his hands on the video game console.

“Evolution is a harebrained theory that says I’m a monkey. I’m not a monkey, I’m a woman!”

“We have a pulse”


13.)Go God Go XII

November 8, 2006


Theme:Atheism, science, religion

Main characters:Cartman,Mr Garrison

Arriving 500 years in the future after freezing himself, Cartman is looked upon as the savior of the world who can end a brutal war between humans an otters, a war between two camps of atheists. Returning to the present, Cartman wonders whether or not he should freeze himself again in an attempt to get a Nintendo Wii without waiting.

“Oh my science!”


14.)Stanley's Cup
November 15, 2006


Theme:PArody Of film The mighty ducks.

Main characters:Stan

After his bike if towed due to parking violations, Stan is forced to meet with a lawyer who has a penchant for narrating his life like a 90’s film trailer. Using tropes from the Mighty Ducks series, the lawyer tells him he must coach a peewee hockey team as his community service. Learning that one of his players is dying of aggressive cancer, Stan is pressured to win in order to keep the boy from dying. His only hope is Ike, who is Canadian and therefore naturally gifted in the sport.

“Stan Marsh is bummin’ on cancer.”

Season 9

1.) Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vag**a

March 9, 2005



Theme: Complications men and women face before and after plastic surgery.

Main Characters: Ms. Garrison and Kyle.

Description: Ms. Garrison has a sex change operation, which inspires Kyle to seek out an operation to become African American after he is kicked off a basketball team. Everyone soon begins a search for Ms. Garrison’s sctum, which Kyle crushes while playing basketball.

Highlights: Someone come and pound my vage!


2.)Die Hippie, Die
March 16, 2005


Theme: An exploration of the uselessness of ultra-liberal philosophies presented by hippies.

Main Characters: Cartman

Description: Cartman discovers several bands of hippies who have taken up residence in South Park and decides to round them up. The hippies soon reign terror upon the city by taking up permanent residence in the town and overpopulating it.

Highlights: Wohoo! You ate too much acid, man!


March 23, 2005



Theme: How talent agents take advantage of their celebrity clients continuously.

Main Characters: Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny,wing

Description: Token, the single African American child in South Park, is a talented singer. The boys attempt to make a profit out of him by becoming his agents, but soon find themselves without a means to return home, and without a profitable client.

Highlights: Welcome to Shitty-Wok, can I take your order?


4.)Best Friends Forever
March 30, 2005


Theme: 2005 terry schiavo case.

Main Characters: Kenny and Cartman

Description: Kenny receives a Sony PSP with a game called Heaven versus Hell. Soon after reaching level sixty, Kenny is hit by a truck and ascends to heaven. While in heaven he is informed he must lead God’s army against Hell’s.


Highlights: Are you stupid, Uriel? Japanese people don’t have souls!


5.)The Losing Edge
April 6, 2005


Theme: Baseball is boring.

Main Characters: Randy

Description: The boys are excited when they think their baseball season is over. However, when they reach the post-season games, the boys can never find a team willing to lose to them. Meanwhile, Randy removes his clothing and always picks fights with other dads.


Highlights: What do you wanna’ do, huh? What are you gonna’ do!?


6.)The Death of Eric Cartman
April 13, 2005


Theme: Parody of sixth sense and ghost whisperer.

Main Characters: Cartman

Description: Cartman steals the boy’s chicken. The boys convince everyone to ignore Cartman as well. Butters did not get the memo, and Cartman resolves that Butters can see dead people. Poor Butters must endure Cartman’s demands while battling insanity and butt-probes.


Highlights: Because he’s a fat, racist, self-centered asshole?

Butters mental illness is treated by probing him anally.


7.)Erection Day
April 20, 2005


Theme: The many problems boys encounter when growing up.

Main Characters: Jimmy

Description: Jimmy discovers he is having erections randomly. Jimmy seeks the help of a scummy prostitute, which does not work out.

Highlights: Jimmy, we understand you’re getting erections in the classroom


8.)Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
October 19, 2005


Theme: How people react to disasters they don’t completely understand.Hurricane katrina.

Main Characters: Stan and Cartman

Description: Stan and Cartman manage to destroy a beaver dam, which incurs a giant flood over the city of Beaverton. Scientists blame the flood on global warming. As a result, society descends into chaos while global warming strikes across Colorado.

Highlights: George Bush didn’t destroy the beaver dam! It was terrorists and Al-Qaeda!


October 26, 2005


Theme: The differences between boys and girls.

Main Characters: Butters

Description: Stan, Cartman, and Kyle’s class discover the girls have a device that can foretell the future. Cartman convinces the boys they must obtain the device at all costs, so Butters fakes his own death and infiltrates a girl’s slumber party as a girl.

Highlights: Remember, Butters, you must get that future telling device at all costs! And just roll with it if they start lezzing out.


10.)Follow That Egg
November 2, 2005


Theme: Whether or not gay marriage is wrong.

Main Characters: Stan and Mrs. Garrison

Description: The children are tasked with taking care of an egg with a partner. Ms. Garrison becomes incensed when Colorado decides to pass a law that will allow same-sex marriages and decides to pair Kyle and Stan together to take care of their egg.

Highlights: You’ve all been doing a great job with your eggs, but now let’s mix it up a little!


11.)Ginger Kids
November 9, 2005


Theme: Gingervitus

Main Characters: Cartman and Kyle

Description: Cartman gives a presentation that claims ginger-kids are evil and soulless. Kyle disputes Cartman’s claims, despite an eeriness surrounding ginger children in South Park. Kyle and Stan apply makeup to Cartman to make him ginger, and Cartman rallies the other gingers to his cause to fight back against discrimination.

Highlights: This disease is called gingervitus, and it occurs because ginger kids have no souls.


12.)Trapped in the Closet
November 16, 2005


Theme: Religious beliefs are frequently ridiculous and manipulative.

Main Characters: Stan

Description: Stan discovers the Church of Scientology, which quickly recognizes him as OT9. The church believes Stan is a reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard and proclaims him as their spiritual leader.


Highlights: Dad! Tom Cruise won’t come out of my closet!


13.)Free Willzyx
November 23, 2005


Theme: Parody of free willy movies.

Main Characters: Kyle

Description: Kyle discovers a whale in an aquarium that can talk. Unknown to Kyle, the whale can’t talk and the speech is actually a prank by two announcers. The boys steal the whale and send it to the moon.

Highlights: Don’t you say that! It was funny! It was really funny!


14.)Bloody Mary
November 30, 2005


Theme: Self control.

Main Characters: Stan and Randy

Description: Randy picks up the kids at karate practice and drives them home while drunk. Randy must endure verbal punishments before he discovers he is an alcoholic through AA. Randy seeks out a miracle to cure himself.


Highlights: You know, Stan, I’d say your dad a-racks a-disciprin!

What seems to be the officer problem..

Season 8

1.)Good Times With Weapons


Theme: When a game of ninja warriors goes horribly wrong, the boys do the most logical thing; dress Butters up as a dog and take him to the vet
Main Characters: Cartman, Kenny, Kyle Stan, Butters
Description: The boys pretend to be brothers in order to purchase dangerous ninja weapons from a South Park County Fair vendor. Their play is interrupted when butters struck in the eye by one of the weapons. To keep it a secret from their parents, they dress Butters up as a dog and take him to the vet.
Highlights: The boys becoming anime-like characters with superpowers



Theme: Cartman pretends to be a robot in order to fool Butters
Main Characters: Butters, Cartman
Description: Cartman plays a prank on Butters by disguising himself as a robot named “A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000.” The prank backfires when Butter’s reveals he has a videotape of Cartman doing a Britney Spears dance routine to a life-sized cutout of Justin Timberlake, which he plans to show to his classmates the next time Cartman plays a prank on him. Cartman goes through great lengths to keep up the façade.
Highlights: Cartman making out with a life-size cutout of Justin Timberlake while dressed as Britney Spears


3.) Up the Down Steroid

Theme: People who take steroids are “big fat pu**ies”
Main Characters: Timmy, Jimmy, Cartman
Description: Timmy and Jimmy are preparing for the Special Olympics and Cartman decides to fake being disabled to win the $1,000 prize. In order to better his chances at winning, Jimmy starts taking steroids and gets roid rage all over his mother and girlfriend.

Highlights: Jimmy’s roid rage


4.)The Passion of the Jew

Theme: South Park’s satirical critique on media reaction to the Passion of the Christ
Main Characters: Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Mel Gibson
Description: Kyle goes to see the Passion of the Christ and is wrought with guilt over Jews killing Jesus. He tells Cartman that he was right all along and Eric begins praying to a poster of Mel Gibson. The rest of the boys decide to get their money back and hike to Mel Gibson’s mansion only to find that he is a sadomasochistic sexual deviant. Cartman decides to dress up as Hitler and “cleanse” South Park of all Jews.
Highlights: Mel Gibson defecating himself and Cartman trying to “cleanse” South Park


5.)You Got F****d in the A**

Theme: When you get “served” you have to “bring it”
Main Characters: Stan, Randy, Butters
Description: When a group of kids from Orange County “serve” the boys, a dance contest ensues. Randy ends up in the hospital with the “worst case” of being served the doctors have ever seen and tells Stan he must avenge him. Stan puts together a team of misfits hailed as the best dancers in South Park, including a killer tap-dancing Butters.
Highlights: Randy getting served



Theme: The future is so bad people come to the past to find work.Pro illegal immgration are Aging hippi liberal douche and Con are pissed off white trash red necks.
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Randy
Description: The future looks really grim as people from the future start travelling back in time to find jobs. The outraged citizens of South Park don’t take it too well and start yelling “They took our jobs!’ Which eventually just sounds like “Dey turk err jurbs!”

Highlights: “They took our jobs!” “Dey turk err jurbs,” “Durker durr!”


7.)The Jeffersons


Theme: The Jackson family moves to South Park
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Blanket, Mr. Jefferson
Description: Something’s not so kosher about South Park’s new residents the Jeffersons. The boy’s new friend Blanket has a backyard full of toys and animals, but his father, Mr. Jefferson, (who is actually Michael Jackson wearing a fake moustache,) is more interested in playing with children.
Highlights: Mr. Jefferson’s face periodically coming off


8.)Douche and T**d


Theme: The kids of South Park Elementary have make the difficult decision between a giant douche and a t**d sandwich for their school mascot
Main Characters: Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Giant Douche, T**d Sandwich
Description: When South Park Elementary needs to pick a new mascot, Kyle and Cartman argue about whether it should be a giant douche or a t**d sandwich. Stan decides to take the high road and not vote.

Highlights: Stan finds just how much PETA members love animals


9.)Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

Theme: Wall-Mart comes to South Park
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Randy
Description: A Wall-Mart finally opens in South Park, but the store has a mysterious lure to townsfolk who can’t stop buying the super low priced items.
Highlights: The boys find what’s behind the real Wall-Mart.



Theme: Payback’s a b**ch. An enemy from preschool seeks revenge on the boys.
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Trent Boyett, Miss Claridge, Butters
Description: A horrible secret comes out that the boys have been hiding since preschool. Trent Boyett is released from juvenile hall and is out for revenge for a crime for which he was wrongly committed.
Highlights: The boys turning Cartman’s buttocks into b**bs by drawing nipples onto them


11.)Quest for Ratings

Theme: The boys will do anything to get higher ratings for their show
Main Characters: Stan, Kyle, Butters, Cartman, Token, Jimmy
Description: The boys start their own news show at South Park Elementary called “Super School News.” All is great until Craig starts a new show that gets higher ratings and the boys get desperate in order to beat his ratings.
Highlights: The boys decide to get high on cough medicine


12.)Stupid Spoiled Wh*re Video Playset


Theme: South Park find out whose the most spoiled wh*re of all
Main Characters: Paris Hilton, Mr. Slave, Wendy, Butters
Description: Paris Hilton opens a store in South Park and all the girls try to become “stupid, spoiled wh*res,” just like her. When Wendy doesn’t know what to do, she enlists the help of the biggest wh*re she knows. Mr. Slave.
Highlights: Mr. Slave taking Paris Hilton up the a**


13.)Cartman's Incredible Gift

Theme: Cartman pretends to be psychic in order to get what he wants
Main Characters: Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Sergeant Yates,
Description: After trying to fly off the roof, Cartman suffers a head wound that he believes give him psychic powers. Meanwhile, a murderer starts killing people in South Park and takes their left hands. Despite numerous mistakes and totally making everything up, Sergeant Yates believes everything Cartman tells him.
Highlights: Cartman and a group of “psychic detectives” have a “psychic battle”


14.)Woodland Critter Christmas


Theme: A typical South Park Christmas
Main Characters: Stan, Woodland Critters
Description: It’s Christmas time and everyone in South Park is filled with cheer. While walking in the woods, Stan encounters a group of adorable woodland critters making a Christmas tree. They ask him to help protect their pregnant friend. All is good and well until Stan finds out they are Satan worshippers trying to bring the anti-christ into the world. They also enjoy raping and killing everything.
Highlights: The woodland critters have a Christmas blood orgy


Season 7





Theme: Alien invasion and Probing

Main character: Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Chef

Description: This episode starts off with the four boys waiting at the bus stop to go to school. When chef arrives and asks the children what they are up to. Causing Stan and Kyle to feel as if dacha vow is occurring. Then they realize Eric has an alien probe inside of him. The children and chef then go on a journey to discover what the aliens want.

Highlights: this episode contains similarities from the original Dukes of Hazards show that was aired from 19


2.)Krazy Kripples

: 3-26-2003


Theme: outlawing stem cell research due to the inhumanity of it

main characters: Jimmy, Timmy, and Christopher Reed

Description: this episode starts off with Jimmy throwing a comedy show. Only to find out that all but one child went to see Christopher Reed speak in town about stem cell research. Jimmy becomes angered with Christopher Reed for stealing his audience. He decides to team up with Timmy a fellow cripple, to start a club of people who were born cripple only. Jimmy wants to name this club the Crypts. At a T-Shirt design shop Jimmy is informed that there is already a gang named that. He then decides that Timmy and him will joined this gang. Believing it is nothing more then a type of club. Once they have joined they must end the feud between the crypts and bloods or end up dead themselves


3.)Toilet Paper

Theme: getting revenge on an art teacher

Main characters: Kyle, Stan, Eric, Kenny, and officer Barbery

Description: In this episode the four boys get kept after school by their art teacher. They then attempted to get revenge on their teacher by toilet papering her house. Afterwards police officer Bradbery starts an investigation to find the culprits responsible for this crime. Kyles conscience torment’s him for toilet papering the house. While the other three boys seem unbothered by it. Kyle manages to get Stan and Kenny to agree about committing to their crime instead of ling. After trying to kill Stan, Kyle, and Kenny and failing to do so. Eric decides to admit to the crime first to try and receive a better deal then the other three boys.

Highlights: There is a character in this episode that resembles Hannibal lector. By asking personal and invading questions before answering the detectives questions about a crime.


4.)I'm a Little Bit Country



Theme: prevention of war and the right to protest

Main Character’s: Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski

Description: In this episode the entire town of south park is divided in two. One group supports war, while the other group opposes and protests against war. Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Kenny are then assigned a report on the founding fathers. And what they might say about the right to protest war. After Eric puts him self into the hospital by electrocuting himself. The three remaining boys try to finish there report until Kenny is forced to go with his parents and can no longer help. In the end Eric saves the day. By stopping the pro and anti war groups from fighting. By explaining how each group is important and necessary for the country.


5.)Fat Bu** and Pancake Head


Theme: Eric Cartman creates a fake Jennifer Lopez on his hand

Main character: Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Jennifer Lopez

Description: In this episode Eric pretends his hand is Jennifer Lopez. In an attempt to win a one hundred dollar mall gift certificate. Eric decides to use part of his gift certificate to make a music video. So the real Jennifer Lopez is fired from her record company and then comes to south park to beat the fake Jennifer up. After this Ben Aflac leaves the real Jennifer for the fake one. In the end the real Jennifer ends up working at a taco restraints.

“Tacho tacho burrito burrito”


6.)Lil' Crime Stoppers


Theme: Native Americans try to buy and level South Park Colorado

Main character: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric

Description: This episode is about Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny by becoming actual police officers. While playing a childish game pretending to be police officers. While being real police officers the four boys blow up a meth lab. Then were put in a gun fight with a drug lord.

7.)Red Man's Greed 4-30-2003

Theme: Native Americans try to buy and level South Park Colorado

Main character: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric

Description: This episode is about Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny by becoming actual police officers. While playing a childish game pretending to be police officers. While being real police officers the four boys blow up a meth lab. Then were put in a gun fight with a drug lord.


8.)South Park is Gay


Theme: the people of South Park go through a metrosexual phase

Main charters: Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Eric, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave

Description: This episode is about the male towns people of South Park Colorado. Being influenced by television shows to act gay but not really be gay. The town calls this metrosexual and all but Kyle, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave, and all the female towns people go along with this popular trend. The three guy go to the television production studio to talk to the actors in the show that is setting this unwanted example. Only to find out they are not even human but instead are crab people. Living organisms that look like crabs but speak like people. The crab people have been forced to live under ground for centuries. So they plan to take over the world by turning all men weak and cowardly. Only to be stopped by the women in South Park in the end.

Stan:”Dude I cant wait for wendy to see how gay i look” Cartman:Thats true you guys when the chicks see how gay we are they going to be all over us”

“Crab people,crab people”


9.)Christian Rock Hard

Theme: Eric and Kyle make a bet to see who’s band can will a platinum album first.

Main character: Eric, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Butters, and Token

Description: This episode is about a bet between Eric and Kyle over who’s band could receive a platinum album first. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny create a band called Moop. They then decide to download free music off the internet and then get arrested for it. After seeing the damage that downloading music for free can do. They decide to go on strike until people stop downloading music for free. On day two of their strike other artists join the cause. While this is happening Eric’s band decides to make a Christian rock band and call it Faith+1. There band then manages to sell one million copies of there album in an attempt to win the bet. Just to find out that Christian musicians can not receive platinum albums. After discovering that he can never win the bet he maid with Kyle. Eric starts cursing and driving away all of their fans and gets beat up by token for doing so.


10.)Grey Dawn


Theme: elderly people have there license’s confiscated and retaliate against non senor citizens in response.

Main characters: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Eric , and Stan’s grandpa

Description: In this episode we start off at a funeral funereal related to elderly driving with the main characters. After a few more driving accidents related to elderly drivers. The DMV decides to take elderly drivers license’s away from them. Stan’s grandpa decides to drive despite not having a license and gets arrested. After getting arrested he decides to call a pep team that helps the senior citizens take over the town of south park. Forcing the four boys to devise a plan that will allow them to beat the senior citizens.


11.)Casa Bonita



Theme: Eris has to go to Kyles Birthday party

Main characters: Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Eric, and Butters

Description: In this episode Kyle is having a birthday party at Casa Bonita and can invite three friends. Kyle decides to invite Stan, Kenny, and Butters while excluding Eric. Eric decides he must go to Kyle’s birthday party. So he devises a plan to get Kyle to invite him to the birthday party. He decides to pretend to like Kyle and act nice to him. Kyle decides to finally except Eric’s apology. Kyle tells Eric that if Butter is not able to go to the party Eric can. So Eric hides Butters for a whole week just in order to attend Kyle’s party. While attending Kyle’s party , Butters is found and Eric goes to juvenile hall for one week.


12.)All About Mormons


Theme: understand the Mormon religion and excepting their own beliefs

Main characters: Gary, Eric, Stan, Kyler, and Kenny

Description: In this episode a new kid named Gary comes to school. Stan is sent over to beat the kid up, but ends up getting invited to dinner instead. While Stan is at Gary’s house they tell him about the Mormon religion and how it was started. Stan goes home and asks his parents why they never told him about man who started the Mormon religion. Stan’s dad becomes angered over this and goes to beat up Gary’s dad. Yet he ends up getting invited to their house for dinner with his whole family. After seeing how happy Gary’s family appears Stan’s dad converts the whole family to Mormonism. Shortly after this Stan tells both Gary’s family and his family what he really thinks about Mormons. After which Stan’s dad kicks Gary’s family out of their house.


“dan dan dan dan dan”


13.)Butt Out




Theme: to put an end to smoking in South Park, Colorado

Main characters: Rob Riner, Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny

Description: In this episode an organization does an assembly at the boys school. They find it uncool and fear not smoking. Once the adults in the organization promise that if they don’t smoke. They will grow up to be just like them. After being promised this the boys try to pick up smoking and get caught behind the school. Then they accidently manage to sett the school on fire. The kids tell their parents that it was the tobacco companies fault they they started smoking. So the parents call Rob Reiner to help stop the tobacco company. Robert decides to put Eric in a commercial . where Eric states he has lung cancer from second hand smoke and will soon die. After the commercial Rob tries to kill Eric to help promote the end of smoking in South Park. Causing the kids to run to the tobacco company for help.





Theme: Wendy breaks up with Stan so the other boys try to show him that their are more girls out there.Hooters parody.

Main characters: Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Eric, Wendy, Butters, and Token

Description: This episode is about Wendy dumping Stan. After this happening Stan falls into a depressed state of mind. So Stan decides to join the Goth kid group at his school. Shortly after joining this group Kyle tries to change Stan’s mind. In the end only one person can change his mind, Butters.


15.)It's Christmas in Canada


Theme: Ike is taken back to Canada by his birth parents

Main characters: Kyle, Kenny, Eric, Stan, and Ike

Description: In this episode Kyle’s little brother is taken away to Canada by his birth parents. Kyle goes and asks his three friends to go to Canada with him to go see the prime minister and get Ike back. However the boys only agree to go with Kyle to help get Ike back. After they find out their will be no Christmas if they don’t get Ike back. So the four boys bargain with the owner of City Wok for a cheap flight to Canada. They end up crash landing in Canada where they get instructions on how to get to the prime minister. Along the way they collect three new acquaintances. So they all go off to see the prime minister only to discover that he is Sudan Husain in disguises.

Highlight: This episode has similarities that resemble the wizard of oz.

Season 6

1.)Jared Has Aides



Theme- Jared (subway) reveals controversial weight loss secret

Main characters- Jared,Butters,

Description- The boys try to make their fortune like Jared from Subway by fattening up Butters then performing liposuction while claiming a City Wok chinese food diet. Meanwhile Jared reveals secret to his weight loss is trainers (aids).

Highlights-Jared almost killed by town.



Theme- Family vacation to aspen

Main characters- Kyle,Butters,

Description- In beautiful snowy Aspen The boys are discovering the local ski scene as there parents are locked in a neverending time share presentation. Kyle must win a skiing race to save a community teen club from closing down.

“If you french fry when you should pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

“Thats my face sir”


3.)Freak Strike


Theme-Tv shows exploiting peoples disability and problems.

MAin characters- Maury Povich , Butters, Cartman

Description- The boys convince Butters to go on Maury (T.v Show) disguised as a freak with balls on his chin to win a prize. Yet when he only wins a round of putt putt golf for one Cartman goes on as an out of control kid. Unfortunately freaks go on strike causing drama.

“Whateva i do what i want”


4.)Fun with Veal

Theme-Kyle rescues veal from farm

MAin characters- Kyle,Michael Dorn (Warf from Star trek)

Description- Kyle after turning vegetarian tries to free the veal from a local farm receiving unwilling help from Michael Dorn (Worf/Star trek).But of course nothing goes right when the F.B.I gets involved.

“My name is Michael Dorn I play a character named Worf”


5.)The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer



Theme-The Boys watch The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer

Main characters- Russell Crow,Kyle,Stan,Cartman

Description- In order to see the new Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer the boys must survive a horrible episode of “Fightin’ Round The World” with Russell Crowe while seeking a T.V to watch.

Highlights- Russell crowe does his impression of singing ,Russel crow real life altercations.


6.)Professor Chaos


Theme- Butter become Professor Chaos

MAin characters- Butters

Description- Butters after being emotinally hurt transforms into an evil mastermind bent on world domination called Professor Chaos. Meanwhile the gang looks for a replacement for Butters.

“Oh this sure is taking a long time”


7.)Simpsons Already Did It

Theme- Professor Chaos tries to conceive the perfect villain plan not done on the Simpsons

MAin characters- Butters,Cartman

Description- As Butters aka Professor Chaos tries to hatch a disaterly scheme to destroy the world. Cartman has invented miniature life in his aquarium with Semen from a homeless man.

“Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it! SIMPSONS DID IT!”


8.)Red Hot Catholic Love
Theme-Father maxi travels to The Vatican

MAin characters- Father maxi,Cartman

Description- The boys parents decide to become atheist after worries of molestation come up.Father Maxi addresses the problem with the vatican. In other news cartman discovers that if you shove food up your a** you c**p it out your mouth.

Highlights- Vatican priests take out their boy sex slaves


9.)Free Hat

Theme-The boys try to stop a remake of Raiders Of The lost Ark

Main characters- Kyle,Stan,Cartman,George Lucas,Steven Spielberg

Description-In an attempt to stop a horrible another shitty movie remake the boys get accidentally involved in freeing convicted Toddler killer (Hat McCullough).

“Oh god they are raping him”


10.)Bebe's B**bs Destroy Society

Theme-Bebe starts to grow br**ts and distracts the boys

MAin characters- Bebe,Wendy

Description-The boys have discovered br**sts and its driving them mad. Bebe friend of Wendy is beginning to grow br**sts and seeks to get br**st reduction out of frustration.
Highlights- Bebe br**sts conspire while she sleeps


11.)Child Abduction is Not Funny



Theme-Moral panic.

MAin characters- Tweek,Mongolians

Description- Stricken with fear from Child abduction after Tweeks near abduction the parents of South park build a giant wall around the city enlisting local chinese owner descendant of the builders of the Great Wall Of China.

“You goddamm Mogorians”


12.)A Ladder to Heaven


Theme-The boys build a ladder to heaven

MAin characters- Cartman,Kyle,Stan
Description- After realizing that dead kenny has their ticket for a candy shopping spree, the boys try to build a ladder to heaven to retrieve it. There touching story misinterpreted reaches the news as a heartfelt segment. Also Cartman gets kenny soul trapped in him.


Highlights- Cartman drinks Kenny Ashes believing its chocolate milk

“Thats the news from heven”


13.)The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers


Theme-The boys return The Lord of The Rings (LOTR) movie to the movie store

MAin characters- Kyle,Stan,Cartman,

Description- Stan’s parents after giving the boys the task of returning The LOTR movie discover that the movie in its box is actually a porno.While undertaking the quest the boys gear up in LOTR costumes and discover there movie is much sought after.

Highlights- Butters turns into gollum obsessed with getting the p**no


14.)The Death Camp of Tolerance


Theme-The boys get sent to sensitivity camp

MAin characters- Mr.Garrison, Kyle,Stan,Cartman

Description- Mr. Garrison tries to get fired after being fowardly gay yet is refused due to tolerance laws. The boys after complaining about him get sent to sensitivity training which resembles a concentration camp.


Highlights- Mr. slave looking like one of The village people,So courageous.


15.)The Biggest Douche in the Universe


Theme-John Edwards(psychic) Is the biggest Douche in the universe

MAin characters- John edwards,Kyle,Chef,Cartman,Rob snider

Description- Chef tries to get kenny’s soul exercised from Cartman’s body and Kyle tries to disprove psychic John edwards who gets crowned biggest Douche in the universe by aliens.

Highlights- Rob snidder in another derp de derp movie


16.)My Future Self N' Me


Theme-Stans meets his future self

Main characters- Stan, Stan future self,Butters

Description- When stan touches a joint the next day Stans future self shows up a druggie. Yet Stan suspects a hoax when the same things happened to Butters. Later Stan discovers a company hired to scare kids straight.

Highlights- Stan fake cuts his hand off to disprove future self to parents horror.

“I wonder if my future self knows anything about this”

“Hahahaha Now you know my terrible secret”

“Look they make your wiener big in just three weeks”


17.)Red Sleigh Down


rdsd2  ldsd1
Theme-Santa Claus kidnapped by terrorists

MAin characters- Mr. Hanky,Santa Claus, Jesus,Jimmy

Description- A Christmas episode where the boys must rescue Santa from iraq with the help of Jesus and Mr. hanky. While back home jimmy (funny cripple) sings 12 days of Christmas for the town.

Highlights- Santa Claus tortured,Jimmys singing.

Season 5

1.)It Hits the Fan



Theme – A highly popular South Park TV show airs the word sh*t uncensored.

Main Characters – Chef, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman

Description – The town goes bananas over a tv show in which the word sh*t is uncensored. Wacky hijinks ensue and Chef tries to help the boys in stopping the world renowned sh*t chant. Highlights – People are dying from the SH*T PLAGUE!


2.)Cripple Fight



Theme – Pedophiles and handicapped people. A match made in heaven.

Main Characters – Big Gay Al, Jimmy, Timmy, Butters, Cartman

Description – Big Gay Al is being very gay again. The town thinks he is a peewee toucher. Meanwhile, Timmy is fighting Jimmy because of Jimmy’s popularity in a game of crutches versus wheels. Handicap hilarity follows. Highlights – Handicap people fighting. How much better can it get than that?


3.)Super Best Friends



Theme – Cults and brainwashing. Yikes!

Main Characters – David Blaine, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny

Description – David Blaine comes to South Park with his cult and f**ks sh*t up voodoo style. Stan has to resort to making the Super Friends group to save the rest of the town.

Highlights – Jesus kills some mo**erf**kers.


4.)Scott Tenorman Must Die



Theme – Sweet sweet justice!

Main Characters – Cartman, Scott Tenorman, Stan, Kyle

Description – Scott Tenorman tricks Cartman into thinking that buying pubic hair will help him reach puberty himself. He finds out that this is wrong very quickly, and plans some sweet sweet justice on our friend Scott.



5.)Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow



Theme – Two of Canada’s finest must perform at an Earth Day assembly.Parody of the show Behind the Music.

Characters – Terrance, Phillip, Stan, Kyle, Cartman Description – Canada’s fart duo must kick their drug habit and come together once again to help the boys with performing at an earth day assembly.

Highlights – Terrance and Phillip farting all over EVERYTHING!

“Oh my god whats wrong with there hips”

The song T and P singing was “Beef and lamb, chicken and ham – Step to the left and clap your hands! – Gosh we love our chicken and ham – Don’t let it go to waste that chicken and ham!





Theme – Being an a**h**e!

Main Characters – Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters

Description – Kyle literally develops a pain in the a** while Cartman inherits a million dollars and opens up his own theme park named Cartmanland like the fat asshole he is.

Highlights – Cartman being a d**k to an injured Kyle!


7.)Proper Condom Use



Theme – Sex, and lots of it!

Characters – Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Mr. Mackey

Description – The school thinks it’s a good idea to teach a bunch of elementary kids about sexual education (Which Cartman’s fat a** will probably never need) and it leads to a war between men and women.

Highlights – The boys j**k off a bunch of dogs, yuck!





Theme – Satirizes high level of merchandising of its own show.

Main Characters – Towelie, Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny

Description – The boys get their video games taken away, and the only way that they can get them back is by having a drug smoking stoner towel that smokes marijuana like a steam train go to the government with them to stop the war between aliens and the army.

Highlights – The drug smoking towel named Towelie, I’ve never seen a animated character smoke so many blunts!


9.)Osama Bin Laden has Farty Pants



Theme – Terrorist that smell like a**.

Main Characters – Osama Bin Laden, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman

Description – The boys go to Afghanistan to return a useless goat. They get caught by terrorists and find out that Bin Laden is f**king crazy. Bin Laden then gets killed by Americans. (AMERICA F**K YEAH!)

Highlights – Bin Laden farts a lot. And the boys try to sneak a goat around a military plane.


10.)How To Eat With Your Bu**



Theme – Bu** faces. Literally. Main Characters – The Bu** Family, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, Stan

Description – Cartman puts Kenny’s a** on the side of some milk cartons, and a family with butts for faces comes to South Park because they thought it was their son. What a bunch of a**es. (Get it!)

Highlights – The Butt Family eats with their a**h**es because they don’t have mouths!


11.)The Entity



Theme:Airports after 9 11.

Main Characters – Kyle, Kyle’s cousin, Cartman, Mr. Garrison, Kenny

Description – Mr. Garrison is mad at the airports because of 9/11 security and makes IT, which is a ride where it looks like you’re riding and sucking a p**is in a wheel. Kyle’s cousin is made fun of too.

Highlights – John Travolta riding IT like the pansy he is.


12.)Here Comes the Neighborhood



hctn2  hctn

Theme – Racism. Main Characters – Token, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny

Description – Token gets pi**ed off at Cartman’s racism and starts to ask other black families to move to South Park just to make Cartman mad.

Highlights – The town dresses as the KKK to get the black people out of South Park!


13.)Kenny Dies



Theme – Stem cell research.

Main Characters – Kenny, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny’s parents

Description – Kenny gets MS and is about to die (Like always), while Cartman is stealing aborted babies from a truck crash and starts to sell the abortions for money.

Highlights – Cartman turns a bunch of aborted fetuses into a Shakey’s pizza. And Kenny really dies this time. For now.


14.)Butter's Very Own Episode



Theme – Little white lies.First butters centered  episode.

Main Characters – Butters, Butter’s parents, O.J. Simpson, The Ramseys, Gary Condit

Description – Butters gets murdered by his parents before he has the chance to eat his favorite cheese sticks at Bennigans. He also finds out that his dad was f**king other men.

Highlights – Butters travels back in time to celebrate his parent’s anniversary with them after he dies. And he dances for a bunch of pedophiles.

Season 4

1.)The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000



Theme – Cartman and the gang get into the underground Tooth Fairy business by placing stolen teeth under rich kids’ pillows and taking the money.
Main Characters – Cartman, Loogie
Description – When Cartman realizes how much money he can get from the Tooth Fairy, he decides to make some money by stealing teeth and putting them under his pillow. When the boys discover that the Tooth Fairy is fake, they enter into a world of organized crime involving teeth on the black-market. The boys team up with Loogie’s gang, but realize they can make more money by opening their own business.
Highlights – The first appearance of Timmy. The two “Tooth Fairies” fighting.


2.)Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000


Theme – Cartman goes to juvenile hall for committing a hate-crime after throwing a rock at Token.
Main Characters – Cartman, Token, Romper Stomper
Description – Cartman throws a rock at Token and is put in juvenile hall by the FBI for committing a hate crime. With the upcoming sled race, Stan, Kyle and Kenny need Cartman’s weight so they can beat the girls. As the boys try to get Cartman out of prison, Cartman learns to adapt with his cellmate Romper Stomper. The two boys come up with their own escape.
Highlights – Cartman “poops out” cigarettes for Romper Stomper and accidentally flushes them down the toilet.


3.)Timmy 2000


Theme – Timmy becomes a rock star and a protest led by Phil Collins ensues while, South Park puts the kids on Ritalin.
Main Characters – Timmy, Phil Collins
Description – Timmy becomes the front man for “Lords of the Underworld” and Phil Collins leads a protest against him. Collins schemes break up the band and prevent Timmy from playing. The kids at South Park Elementary are misdiagnosed with ADD and prescribed with Ritalin. They passively go along with the protest against Timmy and its up to Chef to wake up the children and their parents and save the day. (69)
Highlights – “Timmy! Timmy!” Cartman sees scary, little pink Christina Aguilera Monsters.


4.)Quintuplets 2000


Theme – The Marshes take in a group of Romanian quintuplets, but the Romanian government tries to force their return. Kenny becomes a talented opera singer.
Main Characters – Quintuplets, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman
Description – After their grandmother dies, a group of contorting quintuplets from Romania seek shelter with the Marsh family. The boys want to create their own circus and use the quintuplets as their star act. Trouble follows when the Romanian government partners with Janet Reno to return their girls to their father. Meanwhile, Kenny becomes a talented opera singer in Romania.
Highlights – Janet Reno as the gun-toting Easter Bunny. Nod to the Elian Gonzalez affair.


5.)Cartman Joins NAMBLA


Theme – Tired of Stan, Kyle and Kenny’s immaturity, Cartman joints NAMBLA to find more “mature” friends. Kenny tries to kill his mother’s unborn baby.
Main Characters – Cartman, Kenny
Description – When Cartman decides to find more “mature” friends on the Internet, he becomes the poster-child for the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), a group of pedophiles looking to have a sexual relationship with young boys. The boys set out with FBI agents and a group of Marlon Brando look-alikes to take NAMBLA down. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to abort his mother’s unborn fetus.
Highlights – North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes, “Dude! You have s*x with children!”


6.)Cherokee Hair Tampons

Theme – Kyle needs a kidney transplant and his mom is determined to heal him with holistic medicine. Mr. Garrison writes a romance novel.
Main Characters – Kyle, Stan, Mr. Garrison
Description – Kyle is very sick and needs a kidney transplant. Two problems: Cartman is the only possible donor, and Kyle’s mom is determined to heal him with the “natural” medicine of Miss Information. Stan is determined to save his best friend, but everyone in South Park is under Miss Information’s spell. Mr. Garrison writes a romance novel only to discover its appeal to homosexual men.
Highlights – Cheech and Chong selling coat hangers as dream catchers and Cherokee hair tampons.


7.)Chef Goes Nanners

Theme – Its Chef versus Jimbo in whether or not to change South Park’s racist flag. South Park is left divided. Wendy finds herself attracted to Cartman.
Main Characters – Chef, Jimbo, Wendy, Cartman, Stan
Description Chef is angry about South Park’s racist flag and wants it changed. Jimbo and Ned want to keep it the same, but are horrified when they find themselves on the same side as the KKK. South Park is divided and use the children to argue each side. Wendy and Cartman are on the same team, and Wendy finders herself attracted to Cartman.
Highlights – “Who’s got the silliest thing on under their robe?” Wendy dreams about Cartman.


8.)Something You Can Do with Your Finger


Theme – Cartman and the gang start the pop boy-band Finger Bang. Stan’s ambitions make Randy face his demons about his own experience in a boy-band.
Main Characters – Randy, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny
Description – To achieve fame and $10 million, Cartman and the gang form the boy-band Finger Bang. Randy is opposed to his son being in a boy-band because it forces him to come to terms with his past. Eventually he allows Stan to participate in a mall concert. But when Kenny gets killed before the big show, Randy steps up and shows off his skills.
Highlights – Chef advises Cartman to put a cucumber in his pants.


9.)Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?


Theme – The boys are scared that if they don’t confess their sins, that they will go to Hell. Saddam returns to win Satan back.
Main Characters – Satan, Saddam Hussein, Chris
Description – Father Maxi puts the fear of Hell into the boys. The boys learn to avoid Hell, they have to go to Sunday School and confess their sins. But they are scared for Timmy because he can only say his name. The boys find that they cannot trust adults and start up their own church. Saddam Hussein returns to win Satan back.
Highlights -“Where was I gonna go, Detroit?” “Chriiiissss…” Satan’s special way of saying Chris’s name.




Theme – The boys start up their own church, where Cartman becomes its charismatic leader. Satan must choose between Saddam and Chris.
Main Characters – Satan, Saddam Hussein, Chris, Cartman
Description – The boys get their church up and running and Cartman takes over. The new church draws all the children of South Park, but the boys discover that Cartman was only interested in the money. Satan struggles to choose between Saddam and Chris and asks God for help. Satan chooses independence and sends Saddam to Heaven where he must spend eternity with the Mormons, the only religion that got it right.
Highlights – God takes the middle path because he is a Buddhist!


11.)The Fourth Grade Years


Theme – The boys enter fourth grade and don’t like their new teacher, Miss Choksondik. Mr. Garrison attempts to write a romance novel.
Main Characters – Miss Choksondik, Mr. Garrison, Cartman
Description – The children enter the fourth grade and hate it. Cartman convinces the children to travel back in time to the third grade. Their new teacher, Miss Choksondik tries desperately to reach them. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison has gone into hiding and it is up to Miss Choksondik to find him. Mr. Garrison tutors her and finally admits that he is gay.
Highlights – The faculty are flashed by Miss Choksondik and Chef throws up.


12.)Trapper Keeper


Theme – Cartman’s trapper keeper threatens to destroy the world and its up to the boys to save the day. Ike competes for kindergarten class president.
Main Characters – Cartman, Ike
Description – Cartman loves his new high-tech trapper keeper. A cyborg from the future, calling himself Bill Cosby, travels back to destroy Cartman’s trapper keeper before it can merge with other computers to destroy humanity. But the trapper keeper merges with his computer and consumes Cartman. Kyle saves Cartman and the trapper keeper is destroyed after getting sick from eating Rosie O’Donnell. Meanwhile, Ike battles Filmore to be kindergarten class president.
Highlights – Cool hybridization of Cartman and his trapper keeper. Rosie O’Donnell is told-off by Mr. Garrison.


13.)Helen Keller! The musical


Theme – Timmy stars as Helen Keller in the fourth grade play. It becomes a war of two turkeys as Timmy strives to save his friend, Gobbles.
Main Characters – Timmy!!! Gobbles
Description – Timmy has the starring role of Helen Keller in the fourth grade play, “The Miracle Worker.” Butters informs the class of how greater the kindergarten’s play is, and Cartman is determined not to be upstaged. The play becomes a musical extravaganza and Timmy gets a new friend, a handicapped turkey named Gobbles. It becomes a battle between two turkeys as Timmy fights to save Gobbles.
Highlights – “Gobbles!” Timmy is able to say something other than his name.




Theme – In a surprisingly accurate adaptation of “Great Expectations,” Pip’s story is narrated by Malcolm McDowell. Of course it ends with a South Park twist.
Main Characters – Pip, Malcolm McDowell
Description – Pip’s story is told in the unique adaptation of “Great Expectations.” While working for Miss Havisham, Pip falls in love with Estella. Miss Havisham uses Estella to break Pip’s heart, so he travels to London to become a gentleman. Pip and his friends thwart Miss Havisham’s plot to break men’s hearts and collect their tears to power her Genesis device to fuse her soul with Estella’s, continuing her revenge.
Highlights – Estella shows she has no heart by killing all the baby bunnies.


15.)Fat camp


Theme – Cartman is sent to Fat Camp to lose weight, but uses the opportunity to make money. Kenny becomes a reality TV star.
Main Characters – Cartman, Kenny
Description – When Cartman is sent to Fat Camp, he sells junk food to the fat kids. A thin kid from the drug rehab center masquerades as Cartman and smuggles in junk food. Kenny becomes a reality TV star, where people pay him to do gross things. Cartman’s is found out and he is kicked out of Fat Camp after his double dies in Miss Crabtree’s uterus.
Highlights – “Mr. Candy-Bar doesn’t judge you, Chad. Mr. Candy-Bar likes you just the way you are.”


16.)The Wacky Molestation Adventure


Theme – Kyle tells the police that his parents molested him and the other kids follow suit. South Park becomes a wasteland with no parents.
Main Characters – Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Mark, Linda
Description – When Kyle’s parents refuse to allow him to see the Raging Pussies concert, he reports that they molested him. The rest of the kids then say their parents molested them. A couple’s car breaks down in South Park, and they find a warzone of two divided towns. The parents come back after the kids confess they lied; but not without being brain-washed into thinking that they actually molested their kids.
Highlights – “We want to play with you…” Very freaky kindergarteners.


18.)A Very Crappy Christmas


Theme – Kyle and the boys get Mr. Hankey and his Nuggets to help restore the true spirit Christmas to South Park.
Main Characters – Kyle, Mr. Hankey, the Nuggets
Description – When Mr. Hankey is a no-show, the boys find him living in the sewer with his wife and children, the Nuggets. South Park has lost the Christmas spirit, so they decide to make their own Christmas special to bring it back. But when the film malfunctions, the town is discouraged. Mr. Hankey and the Nuggets save the day when they fix the film and show the their Christmas special.
Highlights – “Oh! Sorry! You might get some germs while you’re walking around in human feces!”


Season 3

1.)Rainforest Shmainforest



Theme: Costa Rica, and people who love the rain forest.

Main Characters: Cartman, Kenny, and the rest of the kids.

Description: The kids are in a choir, and go to Costa Rica to perform against deforestation. They find out that the rain forest is not worth saving.

Highlights: “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”-Cartman


2.)Spontaneous Combustion


Theme: Holding in farts, and Catholicism.

Main Characters: Randy, Cartman.

Description: Randy is trying to figure out why citizens are spontaneously com-busting. Cartman plays Jesus in the school play.

Highlights: “Maybe nothing, maybe everything.”-Randy


3.)The Succubus



Theme: Chef is getting married.

Main Characters: Chef, Chefs parents, Succubus, Cartman, and eye doctor.

Description: The boys are convinced that Chef’s fiancé is a demon. Cartman keeps getting pranked by his eye doctor.

Highlights: “Well aren’t you crackers just as cute as a dickens.”-Chef’s dad


4.)Tweek Vs. Craig


Theme: New Star Wars movie.

Main Characters: Cartman, jakovasaurs, and the boys.

Description: The town saves a species from extinction. The species is really annoying, and Cartman is the only one who can stand them.

Highlights: “dooowooop”- jakovasaur




Theme: Based on the school the creators of the show went to.

Main Characters: The boys, Tweek, Craig, and Mr. Adler.

Description: The boys pit Tweek and Craig against one another. Mr. Adler is dealing with the loss of his wife; who died in a plane crash.

Highlights: “He said you eat p**p.”-Cartman


6.)Sexual Harassment Panda



Theme: People who sue over everything.Abusing sexual harassment law in context with many harassment lawsuits in 90s.

Main Characters: Petey panda, Cartman, Stan.

Description: A man in a panda suit teaches the kids about sexual harassment; Cartman sues Stan.

Highlights: ” Don’t be nasty says the silly bear.”-Petey the panda


7.)Cat Orgy


Theme: Meteor shower.

Main Characters: Cartman, Shelley, Cartman’s mom, Mr. Kitty.

Description: Stan’s sister Shelley babysits Cartman. While his mom is at a meteor shower party; Cartman’s cat is in heat.

Highlights: “If you’ve seen one t**d, you’ve seen them all.”-Shelley


8.)Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub


Theme: Birth of Butters character, the A.T.F.

Main Characters: Stan, Butters, Randy, Gerald.

Description: Stan is stuck in the basement with nerds while his parents are at the meteor party. The A.T.F. stakes out the party because they think it is a cult. Randy and Gerald watch each other m*****bate in the hot tub.

Highlights: “Yippy tippy too too”-Pip




Theme: Random, dumb, and weird.

Main Characters: Kyle, Kenny, Ike, and Moses.

Description: On the night of the meteor show Kyle, Kenny, and Ike go to a Jewish scout camp; where Moses appears.

Highlights: “I desire macaroni necklaces.”-Moses


10.)Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery


Theme: Making fun of Scooby Doo.

Main Characters: Korn, the boys, the priest, Kyle’s grandmother’s dead body.

Description: Rock band Korn is blamed for making Halloween immoral.

Highlights: “He must have a huge bone in his a** then.”-Kyle




Theme: Pokemon.

Main Characters: All the boys.

Description: Boys become obsessed with chinpokomon. It is a Japanese plot to brain wash American children.

Highlights: “You Americans, wow, so big p**is.”- Japanese business man


12.)Hooked on Monkey Phonics


Theme: Home school kids, and the spelling bee.

Main Characters: Mark a home school kid, and kyle.

Description: A home schooled kid goes to the boy’s school. Kyle falls for the boy’s sister.

Highlights: “When it comes to spelling bees always bet on the Jew.”-Jimbo


13.)Starvin' Marvin in Space


Theme: Making fun of Pat Robinson.

Main Characters: Starvin Marvin, the boys, Pat Robinson.

Description: The boys must save Starvin Marvin from the government and a Christian group.

Highlights: “Reading bible plus accepting Jesus equals food.” Christian Woman


14.)The Red Badge of Gayness (war)



Theme: Civil War reenactments.

Main Characters: Cartman, and the rest of the boys.

Description: During a reenactment, Cartman leads a drunken confederate army to attack the Union soldiers.

Highlights: “No way, the flute is totally gay.”-Cartman


15.)Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics



Theme: Rendition of the South Park Christmas album.

Main Characters: Mr. Hankey, random South Park characters.

Description: Mr. Hankey hosts Christmas music special.

Highlights: “Ow, what was that for? I didn’t screw up.”-Cartman


16.)Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus




Theme: Episode for the new millennium.

Main Characters: Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan ,and Jesus.

Description: Cartman gets his period, and Stan takes hormone pills. Jesus throws a New Year’s party, and is worried his father won’t come.

Highlights: “I’m gonna go see if I’m bleeding out my ass.”-Kyle


17.)The Brown Noise(World wide recorder concert)


Theme: Child molestation, the brown noise.

Main Characters: The boys, and Mr. Garrison.

Description: The boys go to Arkansas for a recorder concert. Mr. Garrison is upset his father never molested him when he was a kid.

Highlights: “You look like a bunch of queefs  to me.”-New York boy


Season 2

1.)Terrance & Phillip in Not Without My A**s



Theme: Terrance and Phillip attempt to save their country from Saddam Hussein.

Main Characters: Terrance, Phillip, Scott, and Saddam Hussein.

Description: In the episode Terrance and Phillip’s arch rival Scott is sought out by Saddam Hussein who promises to get rid of the duo if Scott can get him into Canada. Saddam and Scott plan to kidnap the daughter of Terrance and Celine Dion, but both Terrance and Phillip are made aware of the plot. The duo eventually defeats Saddam and his soldiers by killing them with a huge fart cloud.

Highlights: “If I die Phillip, bury me in a box with a side of Kraft dinner.”


2.)Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty S**t


Theme: Everyone is still trying figure out whom Cartman’s father is.

Main Characters: Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Stan, Cartman’s Mom, Chef, and others.

Description: In the first part of the cliffhanger, Mephesto is shot just as he is about to reveal Cartman’s father. Chef and the boys drive Mephesto to the hospital while a blizzard starts to rage. Meanwhile, a television crew is trapped in a building and Jimbo suggests cannibalism to keep them alive. After Kenny is sacrificed to power on the generator, Mephesto survives to say that Liane Cartman is a hermaphrodite and it turns into a game of who is Cartman’s mother.

Highlights: “Ms. Cartman, 8 years old is a little late to be considering an abortion.”





Theme: Officer Barbrady confronts his illiteracy.

Main Characters: Officer Brabrady, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny.

Description: When rumors start to spread of a man who molests chickens, Officer Barbrady is set on the case. He resigns from shame when it is realized that he can’t read. Officer Barbrady is put the boy’s class to learn how to read and finds how much he enjoys being a child. After capturing the criminal, the officer tells the town that Atlas Shrugged convinced him to never read again.

Highlights: “Respect my authoritah!”


4.)Ike's Wee Wee


Theme: Ike is an adopted Canadian child.

Main Characters: Ike, Mr. Mackey, and Kyle.

Description: When Mr. Mackey is fired, he gives into the drugs he’s always preached against. He becomes a drug addicted hippie who later has to be rescued by the A Team. Meanwhile, the boys figure out what circumcision is right before Ike’s bris. While trying to hide his brother, Kyle finds out Ike is not his real brother and no longer cares about him. When Ike comes to Kyle in fear of the bris, he becomes an older brother again.


Highlights: “Drugs are bad, M’kay?”


5.)Conjoined Fetus Lady



Theme: The school nurse has a unique problem.

Main Characters: Nurse Gollum, Pip, and the parents.

Description: After Pip injuries Kyle in a dodgeball game, the boys discover Nurse Gollum has a dead fetus attached to her face. The boys try to deal with the fact that they might have a dead twin inside of them and their parents try to help the school nurse who doesn’t want their help. Pip single-handedly wins the dodgeball competition, but no one wants to play anymore.

Highlights: “Dude, China’s f**ked up!”


6.)The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka


Theme: The boys decide to make up a legendary animal to get revenge.

Main Characters: Ned, Jimbo, and Jesus.

Description: When the boys interview Ned and Uncle Jimbo for class, Mr. Garrison thinks the whole interview is made up. In order to get revenge the boys make up the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka to ruin them. However, it ends up being a huge success on their show. Due to their success, Jesus and Pals suffers in ratings and becomes a trash TV show.

Highlights: “Sure, Vietnam was fun, but not going-to-the-circus fun, or fly-fishing-in-Montana fun.”


7.)City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)


Theme: The kids remember things a little differently.

Main Characters: Mrs. Crabtree, Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny.

Description: The school bus nearly goes off of a cliff and Mrs. Crabtree has to save the students. She warns them not to get off the bus, or a monster will eat them. While searching for help, the bus driver finds herself a comedian on a journey of her own. The boys have flashbacks of past episodes, but they can’t seem to remember exactly what has happened.

Highlights: “Now that’s what I call a sticky situation!”


8.)Summer Sucks


Theme: When school is out for summer there’s not a lot to do.

Main Characters: Cartman, Ned, Jimbo, Chef, the Mayor, Mr. Garrison, and Mister Hat.

Description: Colorado passes a statewide ban on fireworks so Ned and Jimbo drive to buy them illegally. The Mayor has the biggest “snake” made, but it’s impossible to extinguish and destroys everything. While Mr.Garrison blames his homosexuality on Mister Hat, Cartmen tries to learn how to swim with first graders because he can’t stop peeing in the pool.

Highlights: “Hell, everything’s legal in Mexico. It’s the American way.”


9.)Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls


Theme- Robert Redford brings film festival to South Park. Mr.Hankey makes visitors regret coming.
Main Characters- Chef, Redford, Mr. Hankey
Description- Robert Redford brings Film Festival to South Park. Chef sells fudge cookies at the festival.Kyle tells filmmakers the visitors are destroying Mr.Hankey’s environment.The filmmakers make a film about Mr. Hankey, using a monkey.Real Mr. Hankey becomes ill. Only Chef’s cookies save him.Mr. Hankey creates a liquid poo flood to get rid of the visitors.

Highlights- Man 1:”Oh My God,I found a Penny! Man 2:”You b**t**d!”




Theme- Parents expose their children to chickenpox, so they won’t get the disease in adulthood.
Main Characters- Shelley, Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan
Description- Shelley’s hospitalized with chickenpox. The boys sleepover at Kenny’s, who has chickenpox.Kyle doesn’t get sick.Stan’s hospitalized.The boys are exposed to Old Frida’s Herpes virus.Kyle’s hospitalized. The parents get Herpes.The boys are hospitalized.The parents realize they were wrong exposing the boys to chickenpox.
Highlights- Cartman’s Calamine bath.


11.)Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods

Theme- Keeping the planetarium in business,Dr. Adams’ star machine makes people addicted to the planetarium.
Main Characters- Cartman, Dr.Adams, Garrison, Barbrady.
Description- Mr. Garrison takes the children to the planetarium.
Dr. Adams’ star machine erases children’s minds,making them slaves.
Cartman ditches the planetarium, winning the Cheesy Poof commercial contest.Officer Barbrady behaves like Evis.As Elvis, Officer Barbrady takes Nurse Gollum and Mackey hostage.Cartman rescues everyone.Officer Barbrady becomes normal.
Highlights- Cartman dressed like a cheesy poof.




Main Characters- Stan, Sharon,Randy, Kyle
Theme- Relationship problems between males and females
Description- Stan’s parents’ constant arguing leads to divorce.
Sharon regrets her remarriage to Roy.The boys build a clubhouse to play Truth or Dare, hoping the girls do gross things.Kyle’s new girlfriend, Bebe leaves him for another boy after Truth or Dare.
Bebe dares Stan to jab this twig up his pee hole.
Highlights- Cartman: “I play with myself all day long.”


13.)Cow Days


Theme- South Park cares more about a wooden cow than living things.
Main Characters- Tom, Mary, Cartman, Kyle, Carny
Description- Tom and Mary win a trip to South Park for Cow Day, on a game show. The couple’s jailed,accused of stealing the cow monument. The couple starves to death.Determined to win Terrance and Phillip dolls, playing ball toss, Cartman wins $5,000 in a rodeo show.The dolls are phony.The carnies are jailed.The cows commit suicide.

Highlights- Cartman wearing makeup.


14.)Chef Aid

Main Characters- Chef,Elton John, Johnnie Cochran.
Theme- Record companies think they’re above the law, using songs illegally.
Description- Chef sues a record company over song rights.He loses the case. He’s fined $2M, then jailed.The boys sell candy. Rock stars have charity concert for Chef.Chef’s case is retried. Cochran represents Chef for free.Chef wins the case.Elton John sings Stan’s love song,at the show, unpermitted.
Highlights- Cochran’s Chewbacca defense.




Theme- Aunt Flo gives Stan a murderous fish from another dimension.
Main Characters- Aunt Flo, Stan, Sharon, Cartman
Description- Aunt Flo brings Stan a gold fish.Two people are murdered, including Aunt Flo. Sharon thinks Stan committed the murders.There are two version of the boys. Version two has beards and mustaches.Chef tells boys about a parallel universe.Boys discover a parallel universe at Indian Burial Ground pet store.Pets attack people at the Halloween show.One Cartman’s vanished.
Highlights- Cartman wearing a beard and mustache.


16.)Merry Christmas Charlie Manson


Theme- Uncle Howard Cartman brings Charlie Manson home for Christmas.
Main Characters- Uncle Howard,Charlie Manson, Stan.
Description- Without permission, Stan joins his friends at Cartman’s grandmother’s house for Christmas.After Uncle Howard visits via satellite, he and Manson spend the holiday with the Cartmans.Manson drives the boys to the mall to see phony Mr. Hankey.Manson gets a happy outlook.

Uncle Howard and Manson are captured by police.
Stan’s reunited with his parents.

Highlights- Manson’s happy face tattoo.





Theme- Mr. Garrison assigns class current events to save his job.
Main Characters- underpants gnome, Tweek,Garrison, Stan
Description- To save his job, Mr. Garrison assigns a current events project.
Mr. Tweek writes the boys’ paper to save his coffee business from corporations.Underpants gnomes teach boys about corporate business.
The boys admit they didn’t write the paper.Mr. Tweek’s offered to run South Park’s Harbucks.

Highlights- Tiny gnomes stealing man’s underpants.


18.)Prehistoric Ice Man


phim  phim2

Theme- What a difference three years makes
Main Characters- Larry, Kyle, Mephisto,
Description- The boys discover a frozen guy, named Larry,frozen almost three years.
He returns to his wife, who has started a new life.
Larry leaves for Des Moines, Iowa to be with his own kind.

Highlights- “Fat a** p**is.”


Season 1

1.)Cartman Gets an A**l Probe




Theme- Space aliens study South Park children.
Main characters- Cartman,Aliens, Chef, Ike, Kyle
Description- Kyle doesn’t appreciate Ike until he’s abducted by space aliens. Cartman’s a**l probe controls his actions and causes him to fart flames .The aliens return Ike,taking Cartman, only to return him.
Highlights: “D**do”.


2.)Weight Gain 4000



Theme- Cartman bulks up to impress Kathie Lee.Consumerism.

Main characters- Garrison,Kathie Lee Gifford,Cartman
Description- Kathie Lee Gifford will award Cartman ‘s grand prize essay, Mr. Garrison plots revenge. Kathie Lee defeated him in a talent show.
Cartman bulks up on 4000 Weight Gain, believing he’s a 90 lb weakling. He’s disappointed when Kathie Lee leaves the ceremony early. The televised show ‘s cancelled. His beefcake body ends up on the Geraldo show.

Highlight- Kathie Lee beds Chef.




Theme- Never camp near a volcano.Hunting.
Main characters- Uncle Jimbo,Scuzzlebutt , Cartman,Stan
Description- Camping near a volcano, the boys learn to use a gun and light a campfire with gasoline.Mayor recruits a team to dig a trench for the lava and another team to find the boys.The volcano erupts.Scuzzlebutt helps the boys over the trench . Cartman murders his hero.

Highlight- Scuzzlebutt’s Patrick Duffy leg.


4.)Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride


bgbr  bgbr2

Theme- Homosexuality.
Main characters- Al, Stan, Cartman, Garrison, Sparky

Description- Sparky is gay. Stan wants him straight.Sparky runs to Gay Al’s retreat where gay animals are accepted.Stan follows him and learns to accept Sparky.
Highlight: Sparky chases Sylvester in a circle before humping him.


5.)An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig



Theme- You can’t cross an elephant and a pig.Genetic engineering.
Main characters- Garrison, Stan,Dr. Mephisto, Kyle
Description- Splicing the genes of Kyle’s elephant with the genes of Stan’s pig can’t be done.Kyle and Stan try mating the pig and elephant.The pig’s baby resembles Mr. Garrison.

Highlight- Elephant siphons beer from keg.

Dr. Mephesto: “….And here of course is my four-assed ostrich.”
Stan: “Do you have anything besides animals with just four asses?”




Theme- Parenting and tv shows.South park response to parents criticizing the show.
Main characters- Mrs. Brofslovski,Grandpa,Kyle , Stan
Description- Grandpa wants Stan to murder him.
Mrs. Brofslovski protests against Terrance and Phillip show.After a failed attempt to drop a cow on grandpa, Death haunts the boys.Grandpa’s grandpa spirit tells him he was wrong to kill his grandfather. Grandpa wants to be eaten in Africa.

Highlight- Cow hanging from tree, about to drop on Grandpa.




Theme- Real problems go unnoticed. Halloween spirit for children.
Main characters- Kenny,Cartman, Kyle, Principal Victoria.

Description- Kenny becomes a brain eating zombie.
Principal Victoria’s offended by Cartman’s Hitler costume,making him wear a white sheet.There’s a false outbreak of pinkeye.Kenny’s undead condition wins best costume. Kenny dies.

Highlight- Chef scared of Cartman’s sheet.

Cartman:”All of a sudden my costume is pretty badass huh?”


8.)Starvin' Marvin



Theme-Indifference towards the underprivileged.
Main characters- Cartman, Marvin
Description- Cartman receives Marvin, instead of a sports watch.
.Cartman’s mistakenly kidnapped and sent to Africa. There’s no food, only sports watches.Stan‘s family has a can of string beans for Thanksgiving, but no can opener

Highlight- “Boo Boo GeeBees” (Chef)


9.)Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo


Theme- South Park shows the importance of Christmas Spirit.
Main characters-Kyle, Mr Garrison, Mrs. Broflovski

Description- Mrs. Broflavski protests Christmas festivities because they offend Jews.Kyle thinks poo’s aliveHis real friends commit him.
During the nonreligious play, the audience fight.Poo comes to life, restoring Christmas spirit.Jesus has lonely birthday.

Highlight- “Hidy Ho” Christmas Poo.



Theme- Satan is evil.
Main characters-Satan, Jesus,Damien, Cartman, Kenny
Description- Damien encourages a boxing match between Jesus and Satan.
Cartman ends his birthday party early because he didn’t get his red Mega Man.
Jesus boxes Satan and wins.

Highlight- Satan built like Mike Tyson.


11.)Tom's Rhinoplasty


Tom’s Rhinoplasty
Theme- Mr. Garrison learns rhinoplasty won’t attract happiness.
Main characters-Mr. Garrison, Stan, Ms. Ellen ,Wendy
Description-Garrison’s rhinoplasty resembles David Hasselhoff. Garrison quits modeling, returning to teaching.

Highlight- Cartman to Wendy:”Ah ha ha ha.”


12.)Mecha Striesand



Theme-Barbra Streisand comes to South Park, searching for a triangle, becomes a mechanical destructive robot.
Main characters- Mr. Garrison, Barbra Streisand
Description- Barbra Steisand finds triangle that fits the one she already has, turning her into a large destructive robot. Other large robots attempt to destroy her until the Cure’s Robert Smith blasts her into outer space.

Highlight- Robot gives Mrs. Broflavski an autograph.


13.)Cartman's Mom is a Dirty S**t


Theme- Cartman seeks out his dad
Main characters- Cartman, Ms. Cartman, Chef, Garrison
Description- Cartman wants to know his fathers identity. His mother slept around a lot . Cartman suspecs every South Park man. The men await DNA test results.
Highlight- Hoo Hoo Cha Cha